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P.E. Central Lesson Plan: Relay Golf
Purpose of Activity:
To help students learn how to plan and map out a golf course with nine holes. Additionally, students work on cooperation and communication between partners and they practice fundamental throwing and catching skills.
Suggested Grade Level:
Materials Needed:
Nine hula hoops Nine cones; A ball for each pair (nerf football; round foam ball; frisbee; tennis ball; etc;) Clip board; pencil; and score sheet
Lesson Plan:
Description of Idea

Each group of two students is given a golf hole to be in charge of with the notion that each hole has to start where the other ended (i.e., the teeing area (cone) is in close proximety, yet a safe distance from the last completed hole (hula hoop). They are to quickly establis a cone as the teeing area and a hula hoop out where they want to end. That is, in essence, the "green".

After all of the holes are set up, the students start at the hole they designed. To play, they work with a partner on advancing the ball (or frisbee) from the tee (cone) to the hole (hula hoop). The partners decide on how far they can throw and catch.

One starts at the cone and the other goes out to catch the first throw. If they catch it, the catcher becomes the thrower and the thrower moves to advance to the hole. They proceed until one throws and the other (standing in the hula hoop) catches. They count their strokes or throws and record their score on the score sheet on the clip board. If they drop the ball on a catch, it is counted as a stroke and the thrower has to try again (recommend that they move in closer). After they finish the hole they go to the next hole that was designed by another team. Keep score for nine holes.

Assessment Ideas:

To keep the game moving and to eliminate waiting ask the students to go to the next available hole that has no one on it.

Don't let them make the holes too long

Have them do a group average of their scores at the end to see what the class average score was.

Give feedback about their throwing skills--encourage short throws

May be a good idea to put something near the hula hoop that identifies it as a hole number so students can see the target from the tee.
Deborah Houser who teaches at Exploris Middle School in Raleigh, NC. Posted on PEC: 10/2/2001.
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