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P.E. Central Lesson Plan: Volley A Lot
Purpose of Activity:
To have students practice the forearm pass. Activity cues: See Forearm Volleying Cue Sheet Situation: This idea was sent in with the intent of it being done with 100 students in an activity area and with limited equipment (i.e., they only have 12 volleyballs).
Suggested Grade Level:
Materials Needed:
Balls to volley (i;e;; volleyballs; foam balls); volleyball net (s)
Lesson Plan:
Description of Idea

Divide students into groups of 8 with 4 students being on one team and 4 on the other team. The starting formation is to have a line of
students on the left side of the court near the
sideline (left side is easiest to learn on if right handed).  One student
is positioned at the net with the ball in the Center Front (CF)
position (i.e., the setter).  One student is positioned on the other side of the net and is the ball shagger/catcher.

The CF tosses the ball (underhand two
hand toss) to the first person in line who bumps (best to have this be the "side bump" which is most effective in getting the ball over the net at that distance.) the ball over the net.  The shagger retrieves the ball and becomes the next CF tosser.  The rotation pattern is bumper goes to shagger,
CF/setter goes to end of bump line and the shagger becomes the new
tosser.  If you would prefer have the CF toss three balls in a row and
then rotate.


After students have a command of the rotation, use this
drill and add competition:  Pick one person to keep track of the students
side bumps in 2 minutes.  In order to count, the shagger MUST catch the
ball.  You may do one toss or whatever number you designate before
rotation occurs.  At the end of two minutes ask for totals and have the
students play a different team using the same format.

Have some students doing fitness activities on the side if their are too many students. They can then switch with the volleyers after a specified period of time. Would be good to be doing fitness activities that would be beneficial to volleyball.

For those large classes in which there is limited practice opportunities it may be a good idea for students to be looking at volleyball magazines or catalogs. Using paper and pencil they can begin to figure out how expensive it is to put together a full volleyball team complete with net, pads, etc.
Judy Wettstein who teaches at Vacaville High School in Vacaville, CA. Posted on PEC: 10/1/2001.
This lesson plan was provided courtesy of P.E. Central (
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