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P.E. Central Lesson Plan: Bottle Cap Basketball
The students should be able to catch a basketball prior to playing bottlecap.
Purpose of Activity:
To learn and practice the bouncepass in a new, interesting and fun way.
Suggested Grade Level:
Materials Needed:
1 basketball for each pair of students; one bottlecap for each pair of students (you can use plastic caps from just about any jar; bottle or container); and a cone or poly spot for each student; We recommend you use a blacktop or concrete surface; The caps could damage a wood floor;
Lesson Plan:
Description of Idea

Students face their partner while standing 10-20 feet away from their partner. The cap is placed on the floor between the 2 students. Each student places his/her cone or poly spot on the floor next to where he/she is standing. While standing behind the cone or poly spot, students pass the basketball towards the cap. The object is to hit the cap and knock it past your opponents cone or poly spot. Each time the cap is passed by the cone, the student gets one point. While the students are playing the teacher should walk around and remind them of key points for a successful bouncepass (step as you make the pass, follow through with your hands towards the target, etc.)


Use different size caps,more colorful caps, or other objects as targets.

Let the students choose their "cap".

Use different kinds of balls.

Change the distance the students are standing from each other.

Use a balloon instead of a cap.

Assessment Ideas:

Explain the rules of the game and let them play for 5 minutes. Make sure they keep score. After the 5 minutes, call them in and explain and demonstrate key points for a successful bouncepass. Now let them go play for another 5 minutes. After that 5 minute game, call them in again. Ask them if they scored more points the first game or the second game. Most students should have scored more the second game. Discuss the reasons for this (practice, key points, etc.)
Bob Wright in Holland, PA. Posted on PEC: 8/29/2001.
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