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P.E. Central Lesson Plan: Birdie's Nest
Students should have already learned how to properly hold a badminton racquet, hold the shuttlecock, and (underhand) serve the shuttlecock.
Purpose of Activity:
To develop/refine the student's ability to strike a shuttlecock with a badminton racquet using an underhand motion (i.e., serve).
Suggested Grade Level:
Materials Needed:
: Badminton racquets (one for each student); enough shuttlecocks so each student has at least one birdie; hula hoops; as many badminton nets and standards as can be used; to allow for a maximum number of playing areas;
Lesson Plan:
Description of Idea

Review cues previously learned for serving the birdie; also, remind the students about safety using a racquet -- always look around you before you strike the birdie! Set up and explain the activity as follows:

Space out eight hula hoops at the back end of each court area (these are the bird's nests). Students on either side of the net attempt to underhand serve the birdies over the net and try to make the birdies land in the bird's nests on the other side of the net. Students give themselves one point for each birdie which they serve into the birdie's nest. Students on the opposing side must allow the birdie to land on floor prior to retrieving it to serve back over the net.

During play, move around and observe (and assess) students' abilities to correctly serve, giving feedback as needed. After a few minutes play, stop the activity and ask students how many points they have earned ("raise your hand if you scored at least 1 point...3 points....5 points...etc."). Challenge them to begin again and increase their "personal record" (starting over with 0 points!). You can also challenge students on each side to combine their points for a "team" record.


Adjust the number of birdie's nests (hoops) according to the size of your court area. A smaller court would use less number of hoops.

Allow students to choose where they wish to serve the birdie from -- as close to the net or back at the regular serve line.

Make the net lower for students with disabilities, or, allow them to use a larger racquet and larger shuttlecock.

You can also make the students ONLY hit the birdie using a serve; then, ONLY using a clear shot; then, ONLY using a smash shot, etc. to review skills they may have previously learned.

Assessment Ideas:

While the students are playing, observe them to see who is performing the SERVE correctly. Then, if you have the students only hitting a CLEAR shot, observe who is performing the clear shot correctly and so forth.
Lisa Sinon who teaches at Stonewall Tell Elementary School in College Park , GA . Posted on PEC: 4/6/2001.
This lesson plan was provided courtesy of P.E. Central (
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