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P.E. Central Lesson Plan: Hockey Shoot-a-Rama
Students have been introduced to proper procedures for shooting a puck (see PE Central Cue Archives on Hockey Shooting).
Purpose of Activity:
For students to practice shooting a hockey puck to a target area using previously-introduced cues.
Suggested Grade Level:
Materials Needed:
2 hockey sticks;1 plastic puck; and 2 cones per group of 3; floor tape for marking groups' playing area;
Lesson Plan:
Description of Idea

Students will be divided into groups of 3. For each group, place two small strips of floor tape 8 to 12 feet apart (depending on your students' abilities). Place the two cones above one strip to simulate a "goal" area. Explain each role and the rotation as follows (perhaps have one group demonstrate while you explain):

Partner 1 (shoots to target first) stands over one tape mark with a stick and the puck. Partner 2 stands to the side and acts as the "teacher" by giving feedback to Partner 1 after the shot as to whether they in/correctly used one of the intended cues (Partner 2 may also mark feedback on the cue sheet itself; if you have students do this, they will also need a pencil and clipboard.) Partner 3 (the "stopper") stands with a stick a short distance behind the goal area, collecting the puck as it goes past the goal and safely returns it to Partner 1 for one additional shot.

After three shots, students rotate in this manner: Partner 1 becomes the "teacher", taking Partner 2's place. Partner 2 becomes the "stopper", and Partner 3 becomes the new "shooter".

Before sending students to play, be sure to stress safety concerns: students should never have the stick higher than their knees (no high-sticking). Partner 2 (the "teacher") calls the "high sticks"; after one player receives 3 "high sticks", that person forfeits their next shot.

After adequate practice, you may want to time the students for 1 to 2 minutes to see how many goals the group can make; repeat the activity several times and challenge each group to improve its previous score. For additional challenges, the tape lines may be brought closer or placed farther apart, and the "goal" may be adjusted wider or narrower depending on the needs of your students.

Teaching Suggestions:

For a spinabifida child using crutches, tape a hockey blade securely to the end of the crutch to allow him/her to practice shooting, stopping, and dribbling.

Assessment Ideas:

Give the "teacher" the "P.E. Central Assessment Sheet" to check the "shooter" for one of the following each time he/she shoots: proper grip and hand placement, alignment to target, follow through, and accuracy of shot. Students get immediate feedback when they perform the drills!
Anne Hauser who teaches at Ashburn Elementary School in Ashburn , VA . Posted on PEC: 4/6/2001.
This lesson plan was provided courtesy of P.E. Central (
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