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P.E. Central Lesson Plan: Fitness Monopoly
Purpose of Activity:
To have students elevate their heart rate
Suggested Grade Level:
3rd and UP
Materials Needed:
Cones; cardboard box for the dice; poly spots; equipment for the fitness activities you choose for the activity; art materials (i;e;; poster board) to make the signs
Lesson Plan:
Description of Idea

Fitness monopoly is an activity that makes the gym into a game board for fitness activities. Set up four cones at the corners of the playing area and then put different colored poly spots between the cones to connect them. This will be your "game board" set up. Make a cardboard box into a die that students will roll to see how many poly spots they move during the game. Underneath each spot is a card with a physical activity listed on it. (Activities that have been used include: jump rope forward, backward, step aerobics, basketball crazy "8", curl ups, crunchers, bean bag toss and catch, stride jumps, scissors, staddle stretch, shoulder touches, basketball dribble in hoop, and soccer ball toe touches.)

To begin the game have the students stand on a poly spot. On the teachers signal the students look under their spot and they perform the activity listed on that card. They continue until they hear the stop signal (or the music stops).

Have a student roll the die (or dice if you have two die) and the rest of the students move either in a clock or counter clockwise direction that number of poly spots on the game board. The students then look under the new spot and begin that new activity upon hearing the start signal.


Make the inside the rectangle a "Free Parking Area" where students choose fun activities to do such as scarf juggling, hoola hoops, macarena dance, or make up their own physical activity, ect. (You will need to make a couple of cards that say "Free Parking.")
Amy Mangels who teaches at Potowmack Elementary School in Sterling , VA . Posted on PEC: 3/17/2001.
This lesson plan was provided courtesy of P.E. Central (
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