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P.E. Central Lesson Plan: Courtesy Flag Tag
Purpose of Activity:
For students to improve their cardiovascular fitness while practicing good manners.
Suggested Grade Level:
Materials Needed:
One flag belt for each student; cones for boundaries if needed;
Lesson Plan:
Description of Idea

Students start scattered in self space; all students have one belt attached around their waist. On the signal, each student tries to pull others' flag belts without getting their own flag belt pulled. Students are allowed to have three belts maximum -- one in each hand and one around their waist -- at any given time, once the game begins.

When one's flag belt is pulled -- and if one has a belt in hand -- they can go to the "fitness box" (an area outside the boundaries) to put it back on (so they are out of the way of students playing the game). If one doesn't have any flags in hand when their belt is pulled, they must then drop to one knee. This indicates that a friend is needed to "save" you by giving you a belt. The person saving you must help you up; the person being helped up must then say "thank you" and the person giving the flag belt away must say "you're welcome". The player getting the flag belt then goes to the fitness box and puts on the new flag belt before coming back into the game.

A player who is "saving" another may remove his/her own flag belt and give it to another player. He or she would then drop to one knee in order to get a belt from someone else.

Stop the game when you see students may be getting tired and need a rest, or if you want to reinforce how one uses good manners to give a belt to another student. You may also wish to use heart rate monitors and discuss what is happening with their heart rate during this "rest time". When you begin the game once again, each student should start with only one belt (their own).

Assessment Ideas:

Move around the area as the game is played to see that students are using proper manners when helping others -- and that each student is actually helping others on their own accord.

Use the heart rate monitors to assess students' activity levels.
Lynell Addis who teaches at Anderson Elementary School in Plano , TX . Posted on PEC: 4/6/2001.
This lesson plan was provided courtesy of P.E. Central (
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