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P.E. Central Lesson Plan: Overhead Pass Jingle
Purpose of Activity:
This lesson will enable students to learn and perform the two-handed overhead pass in volleyball. Activity cues: Two Handed Overhead Pass Move into correct positions, with hands and elbows up prior to hitting the ball. Feet are in the forward stride position with knees bent. Look through triangle window made by thumbs and pointer fingers. Contact the ball close to the forehead. Contact the ball with the fingers and thumbs. Snap wrists forward and upward on contact. Follow through in the direction of the ball.
Suggested Grade Level:
Materials Needed:
A light weight volleyball or beach ball for each student; one poly spot for each student;
Lesson Plan:
Description of Idea

Progressions of Skill Focus
Students will begin by finding their own personal space by standing on poly spots scattered on the gym floor. Students have their own ball.

Two Handed Overhead Pass Jingle
Looking through my window what do I see?
It’s a volleyball staring back at me!
With feet in stride, elbows bent, knees too.
I can hit the ball up and follow through!

Progression 1: Elbow flexion and making the triangle window.

Students will be seated and place their ball on their lap.

Students will model instructor in making the triangle window by touching their thumbs and pointer fingers to each other.

Students will flex their elbows up into the air as they continue to look through the window.

Introduce first verse of jingle: Looking through my window what do I see?

Have students repeat verse.

Have students flex and extend elbows while looking through the window.

Repeat verse: Looking though my window what do I see?

Progression 2 : Tossing volleyball up with elbow extension and watching it through the window.

Introduce next line of jingle: It’s a volleyball staring back at me!

Have students repeat second verse.

Students stand and hold the volleyball at forehead level with hands in the triangle window position.

Students will then toss the volleyball into the air by extending their elbows.

By looking through their windows, students will be able to track the ball as it comes back down. (The second verse cues this step)

Students catch the ball at forehead level.

Have students say first and second verse.

Progression 3: Form when hitting an overhead pass.

Introduce third verse in jingle: With feet in stride, elbows bent, knees too.

Have students repeat verse.

Students will stand with feet in a forward stride position, elbows slightly bent, and knees slightly bent while holding the ball in the triangle position at forehead level.

Instruct students that this is how you should look right before you are going to hit the ball.

Have students repeat first, second, and third verse of jingle.

Progression 4: Elbow extension and follow through.

Introduce last line in jingle: I can hit the ball up and follow through!

Have students repeat verse.

Students should throw the volleyball up and instead of catching it, make contact with the fingers and thumbs.

Explain the follow through as arms and fingers extending up in the direction of the ball after contact is made.

Have students say complete jingle.

Have students try to complete one overhead pass to themselves.

Teaching Suggestions:

This lesson can be taught in the jigsaw method. Divide the class into groups of four. Have each student go to a station and learn one part of the progression and the corresponding part of the jingle. After a reasonable amount of time, reassemble in the original groups of four. Have the member who learned the first part of the jingle and progression teach their three partners. Repeat with the second part and continue until the whole progression is taught and the jingle learned.

Assessment Ideas:

Have students say complete jingle. Have students try to complete one overhead pass to themselves. Give students the option to attempt more than one consecutive pass to themselves. Suggest saying the jingle out loud of to yourself when performing the overhead pass.
Maria Zuccarello in Trenton, NJ. Posted on PEC: 4/13/2004.
This lesson plan was provided courtesy of P.E. Central (
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