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P.E. Central Lesson Plan: Health Wheel of Fortune
Purpose of Activity:
The purpose of my activity is to get the kids focused and get them learning something related to health as soon as they come into the room.
Suggested Grade Level:
Materials Needed:
Overhead projecter; a health-related word on a transparancy with the letters covered up; include clues on the transparancy that the students can see such as: disease; joints; more dominant in females; etc;; with the correct answer being "Arthritis"
Lesson Plan:
Description of Idea

This is done at the very beginning of class. We call it a bell ringer activity.

The class is divided in half. One student is selected to lead the process. The students look at the clues that are given and he/she attempts to guess the word. Students must take turns to guess letters and even the word. After the word is guessed, the score is added to the weekly total for the winning team, and an explanation is given about the health related word.


You may put some of the Wheel of Fortune words on the next test for extra credit.
Mike Sobotta who teaches at Arcadia High School in Arcadia, WI. Additional authors for this idea were none. Posted on PEC: 4/29/2004.
This lesson plan was provided courtesy of P.E. Central (
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