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P.E. Central Lesson Plan: Turkey Trot
Students have previously learned the fundamental locomotor skills.
Purpose of Activity:
The purpose of this activity is to have students practice locomotor skills while using various game strategies that will make the team more successful, including: 1) Remembering what cones you and your teammates visited, 2) remembering what cones the opposing teams visited, and 3) hustling to and from a cone. Throughout this lesson, cooperation with the teacher and classmates is encouraged and expected.
Suggested Grade Level:
Materials Needed:
5-8 large cones; 30-40 small to medium sized cones; laminated turkeys (one for each team); 30-40 laminated feathers; If real feathers are available; make a "styrofoam turkey" using a large styrofoam ball for the body; chenille wire (pipe cleaners) for the legs and feet; and a paper head; As the feathers are collected; they can be stuck into the styrofoam ball;
Lesson Plan:
Description of Idea

Preparation and set up:
Either the playground or the gymnasium can be used for the playing area. Designate a “home base” for each team with the large cones, along the boundary of the playing area. Each team will place their Turkey near the cone. Set up the small or medium size cones in a scatter formation, placing a feather under each cone.

Tell the students they are going on a Turkey Trot. The objective of the Trot is to find feathers in the playing area and bring them back to their team to “feather” their turkey. Have as many teams as it takes to have only 3 members on a team. You want to maximize participation while still allowing for teams to strategize and cooperate. One person from each team will go into the field at a time. They will choose a cone. The cone they touch will be the one they have to pick up. If there is a feather underneath, they will pick it up, take it back to their Turkey, “high five” the next person in line, and go to the end of the line. Then it is the next person’s turn to go into the playing area. If a feather is not found under the cone, the student simply returns to his/her team and lets the next person go. When all the feathers are collected, count up how many feathers each team has found for their turkey. Discuss the strategies used throughout the game, questioning the students on why they selected certain cones, what they watched for, etc. Play several rounds, selecting a different locomotor skill each time.

Assessment Ideas:

Check to see if students are performing the locomotor movements correctly.

Adaptations for Students with Disabilities:

Disabled and non-disabled students can be partnered up and go out into the field together.
Janell Haggerty who teaches at Beecher Road School in Woodbridge, CT. Posted on PEC: 4/16/2004.
This lesson plan was provided courtesy of P.E. Central (
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