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P.E. Central Lesson Plan: The Hungry Snake
Suggested Grade Level:
Materials Needed:
Up to 30 balls; small cones; or various objects that stuedents can easily pick up; 1 ball bag per team;
Lesson Plan:
Description of Idea

Balls, cones and other objects are scattered on the field or court. Students are divided into groups (snakes) and are in single file behind the leader (size of groups can be determined by the teacher). The leader is the snake's head, and last person is the tail; all other members are the body. The last student in line (the tail) has the ball bag.

Groups must travel around the field or court in single file holding onto the person in front of them by a shirt, shoulder, or hand. Each group must pick up as many items as possible within the time limit (30 sec - 120 sec).

Only the head of the snake can guide the body (group) and only the head can pick up the items (one at a time) and pass them back through the body of the snake (group). The items must be passed to each group member down the line (as in relay) to the tail where the items are collected in the snake's stomach (ball bag).

The method of passing the objects can be specifically designated
by the instructor to increase the difficulty level. For example: using left hand only, passing to the rear over the head, under the legs, etc...

Teaching Suggestions:

Begin with small groups and slowly add students to each "snake."

Make harder or easier by shortening or lengthening the playing field or include more balls.
Pasqual Chavez Chavez in San Bernardino, CA. Additional authors for this idea were None. Posted on PEC: 11/16/2003.
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