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P.E. Central Lesson Plan: Soccer Pass Croquet
An understanding of the basic mechanics of dribbling, kicking and passing.
Purpose of Activity:
To allow students the opportunity to develop a controlled inside of the foot pass. Activity cues: Inside of the Foot Pass
Suggested Grade Level:
Materials Needed:
A number of foam pool noodles; the type with a hollow center; one foot lengths of quarter inch wooden dowels- two per noodle; a ball for each pair of children; cones to designate a goal and numbered signs;
Lesson Plan:
Description of Idea

Create a giant sized croquet course (outdoors): To create the wickets, insert a dowel in the ground. Slip noodle over the dowel. Insert a second dowel two to three feet away from the first. Pull the noodle down in an arc and slip over second dowel. Set up a course based on the abilities of your students, using the simplest configurations for beginners. Have the course end in front of a goal (2 cones). Attach numbered signs to the noodles to designate order.

Divide the students into pairs. Explain to them that they will have to pass their ball through each of the wickets using the inside of the foot pass. Student A passes to student B. Student A then runs to the other side of the wicket to receive the pass from student B. When the students get the ball through the last wicket, they each get a shot at the goal.

In order to minimize wait time, have the students start at different wickets. For example, partners A and B start at #4 and continue in order through #5, #6, etc.. Partners C and D might start at wicket #5 then continue sequentially through the rest. After shooting the goals, have the students return to wicket #1 and start again. The staggered start should allow all students to start at #1 without too much waiting, on subsequent times through the course.

Teaching Suggestions:

This game is best played in a large area so that there is an adequate amount of space between wickets. This will help keep students from interfering with each other as they work their way through the course.


When the students have mastered the stationary pass to their partners, encourage them to pass the ball to their partner while he/she is on the run. Explain that this will require the passer to anticipate where their partner is moving to and to initiate the pass before they get there.

Assessment Ideas:

Are the students able to:

perform the inside of the foot pass?

pass with accuracy?

show the appropriate amount of force?

anticipate his/her partner's movements?

Adaptations for Students with Disabilities:

Wheelchair bound students can perform this activity polo-style using a hockey stick or other such implement to push the ball through the wickets and into the goal.
Anne Schaeffer who teaches at YMCA of Somerset Valley in Somerville, NJ. Posted on PEC: 7/8/2003.
This lesson plan was provided courtesy of P.E. Central (
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