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P.E. Central Lesson Plan: More Rhythmic Ribbons
Students should be familiar with the proper jumping and landing techniques.
Purpose of Activity:
To reinforce and further develop jumping and landing skills, and locomotor skills. To further develop body and space awareness.
Suggested Grade Level:
Materials Needed:
Rhythmic Ribbons; one per child; To make inexpensive ribbons: Attach one; two; or three (depending on width) one yard lengths of ribbon to a plastic shower curtain ring using a hot glue gun; Fold the free end of ribbon over twice and glue to prevent fraying;
Lesson Plan:
Description of Idea

1. Cloud Hopping:
Set up the gym as follows:
Spread out hula hoops or poly spots throughout the available space. They should be far enough apart that your students will not be able to walk from one hoop or spot to the next, but will instead have to jump.

Give each student a ribbon. Explain that the children are going to be rainbows that will soar across the sky. To do this, they will have to jump across the clouds (hoops or spots). Have children select a cloud to start from. As children jump from cloud to cloud ask that they wave their ribbons as desired.

2. Below are examples of other ribbon activities:
-make a river in front of you. (Drag the ribbon across the floor in front of you.)
-make a rainbow over your head. (Beginning with the ribbon on one side of you, bring it in an arc over you head to rest at your other side. Bring it back again.)
-make waves in the ocean. (Have everyone put their ribbons on the floor and shake them to make waves.)
-pull out a fish. (Pull your ribbon out of the middle and lean back as if you've caught a huge fish.)
-make a rainbow go over your body. (Beginning in a squatting position with the ribbon at one side, stand up while bringing the ribbon up over your head. End in a squat with the ribbon on the opposite side.)
-make a tornado. (Spin around, moving the ribbon high and low.)
-be a horse. (Hold the ribbon to your back like a horses tail.)and gallop around your paddock.
-make a bird fly. (Run around the gym holding your ribbon up so that it flutters.)
-make your bird land and sit quietly next to it.

Assessment Ideas:

1.Cloud Hopping
Is the student able to demonstrate the proper jumping technique?
Is the student able to anticipate where others are jumping so as to avoid collisions?

Other ribbon activities:
Is the student able to follow the verbal and physical cues given by the teacher?
Anne Schaeffer who teaches at Somerset Valley YMCA in Somerville, NJ. Posted on PEC: 9/22/2003.
This lesson plan was provided courtesy of P.E. Central (
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