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P.E. Central Lesson Plan: Scooterville
Prior to "Scooterville, " students will have completed the following: ** Learned a variety of safe ways to move on a scooter. ** Taken a scooter drivers test that requires them to demonstrate safe driving on their scooters, as well as following the "rules of the road." ** Designed their own license plate for their car. (They will receive an official "scooter license" the day of the event.)
Purpose of Activity:
To work on fitness development, safe driving on the scooter, and following the "rules of the road."
Suggested Grade Level:
Materials Needed:
The following props will be needed: several laminated directional arrows to indicate one way streets; several laminated stop signs for intersections; floor tape to map out both cross-walks and railroad tracks; 2 tunnels; 2 large standing mats to create an alley for the scooterville carwash; several buildings made out of cardboard boxes that are covered with colored paper and decorated with windows; a hotdog stand made out of stacking crates and a plank board; 12 small cones for construction zones; a large blue lake made out of colored butcher paper; a bridge (low balance beam); several strings of white or colored lights to decorate the "city" of Scooterville; laminated signs to label different areas of the city; ie; school zone; hot dog stand; carwash; railroad station; construction zone; shopping district; one way street; broken bridge; etc;
Lesson Plan:
Description of Idea

The driver's test is a comprehensive test that requires children to use their imagination. They learn how to put on their seatbelt, pull over for emergency vehicles, use their blinkers and wipers, look both ways at intersections, walk across cross walks, slow for construction zones, follow arrows taped on the lines of the floor for one-way zones, stop at the tracks, etc. Once this is learned, students arrive at Scooterville ready to drive with their license plate on and license in pocket!

(Optional) Turn off some of the lights to create the atmosphere.

Explain to the students the different places of interest they can visit while in Scooterville.
Remind them about the "rules of the road" they learned to get their license. Hand out a license to each child and have them get in their car. Then find a road to start on and have fun!

All students must drive on the roads (lines on floor) and be aware of emergency vehicles and police officers in town (teacher plays these roles). The children ride their scooters for close to 25 minutes. (They're having so much fun they don't realize they're exercising!) At the end of the lesson, have the students "park their cars in the garage" (the scooter rack) and then meet as a group to talk about the muscles used while driving around Scooterville.

Note: The more buildings and props you have, the better!
Jennifer Rasmussen who teaches at Coleytown Elementary School in Westport, CT. Posted on PEC: 2/16/2003.
This lesson plan was provided courtesy of P.E. Central (
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