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P.E. Central Lesson Plan: Locomotor Roll
Instruction on performing locomotor skills.
Purpose of Activity:
To review/practice/assess locomotor skills.
Suggested Grade Level:
Materials Needed:
25-30 poly spots/cones/playstation mats; 1 dice (or several dice)with a locomotor skill written on each face
Lesson Plan:
Description of Idea

For large group activity (see assessment section for small group activity): Start with everyone standing in the center of the gym or playspace. Have poly spots/cones/playstation mats scattered throughout the area.

Demonstrate each locomotor skill used on the dice.

Instruct the students that they must travel to and touch the number of poly spots/cones/playstation mats indicated by the roll of the dice, using the locomotor skill for that number.

The teacher or a student can roll the dice. Students must then travel to and touch the correct number of poly spots/cones/playstation mats using the locomotor skill shown on the dice. For example: walk 3 or skip 6. Return to the circle when finished.

When everyone is back, roll the dice again. I like to pick someone who does a nice job performing the locomotor skill, not just the student who finishes first.


This game can be made more challenging by adding the number on the dice with another number. For example: dice reads walk 3 - add 4, so walk 7.

Assessment Ideas:

This activity can be played with several small groups, each assigned to a specific home marker. For example: red cone. When all the students are back at the red cone, a student rolls the dice and they continue with this activity.

Also, this activity would work well as a station activity.
Nina Carter who teaches at Botetourt Elementary in Gloucester, VA. Posted on PEC: 11/27/2002.
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