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P.E. Central Lesson Plan: Halloween Carnival
Previous lessons on proper performance of the various movements/skills must have been given.
Purpose of Activity:
To review previously taught movements of kicking, striking, throwing and catching while involving a Halloween theme.
Suggested Grade Level:
Materials Needed:
Large pieces of cardboard to create targets and decorations; Racquets; balloons; overhead projector with white backdrop; soccer balls with goal; putter and golf ball; small balls with white cloth wrapped around it;
Lesson Plan:
Description of Idea

This lesson requires a little set up time. A few weeks in advance you will need to create several festive targets and materials that will be needed for the lesson.

There will be several centers throughout the activity area each with a specific movement/skill to be performed. The students will work in small groups and complete all the centers.

1. Floating Ghosts - Use white balloons with ghost faces on them. The students will strike the balloon ghosts back and forth to a partner using long handled racquets.

2. Shadow Shapes - Use an overhead projector or old film projector to cast a light onto the wall. The students will use their bodies to create shapes and cast shadows onto the wall.

3. Spider Web - Students will kick a soccer ball into the goals. You can decorate with the goals with spiders and artificial webs.

4. Feed the Skull - (create a target by drawing a large skull on cardboard, cut out the eyes and mouth) Students will overhand/underhand throw a small through the holes in the target.

5. Mummies Tomb - create a tunnel with garbage bags and hoops, you can also decorate with toilet paper as the "mummy wrappings". Students crawl through the tunnel.

6. Ghost Catching - Create ghosts by wrapping small balls with white cloth and drawing ghost faces on them. Students will throw and catch the ghosts with a partner.

7. Pumpkin Putting - Create a large target by drawing a pumping with three to four holes near the bottom. Students will putt a golf ball through the holes in the target.


For an even more "festive" atomosphere you can dim the light in the gym and play spooky music!

To accomodate all skill levels have other equipment available for them to choose from (e.g., Hand Raquets, Larger Balloons, Larger Balls for Kicking, reducing the distance when throwing at targets.)

Assessment Ideas:

Observe and record student performance of each skill.
Daniel Hill who teaches at Collins Lane Elementary in Frankfort, KY. Posted on PEC: 10/28/2002.
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