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P.E. Central Lesson Plan: Throwing for Distance
Purpose of Activity:
To teach children the fundamentals of the overhand throw. Activity cues: Gr. K: "arm back and up"; "step with the opposite foot"; "throw hard"
Suggested Grade Level:
Materials Needed:
Different sized balls of varying densities; one for each child; Suggestions include yarn balls; nerf balls; wiffle balls; "gator-skin" foam balls; and other soft balls; one hula hoop and cone or other marker for each student;
Lesson Plan:
Description of Idea

After introducing a couple of the cues for the overhand throw and letting students "practice" them a few times in place without a ball, let students know they will play a game against themselves to see how well they can throw.

Have one student demonstrate putting a hoop against the wall in front of where they are standing, and then move approximately 8-10 feetaway from the wall (this is where they put their cone). The child throws the ball to the wall, and if he/she hits the wall with the ball, they then take a step backward. If the child once again can hit the wall with the ball, he/she moves the cone back to where they just were, and then takes another step back. The student then continues to move a step back until their throw misses the wall. At this point, they then stay at the last place their cone was set, and continue to throw from there until they can once again hit the wall. (Remind students it's not important if they get the ball in the hoop or not, but the hoop can help them to know where to throw.)

At the "go" signal, have students get a ball of their choice, a hoop, and a cone and set their "game" up to begin. As students throw against the wall,move around the area and give students feedback on how they are doing, reminding them about a cue(s) they may not be using. For a formal assessment, check off on an observation sheet whether each student"consistently", "sometimes", or "hardly ever" uses each of the cues given.
Heather Miner. Posted on PEC: 6/6/2001.
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