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P.E. Central Lesson Plan: Tumbling Dice
Basic skills in weight transfer (animal walks, cartwheels, etc.); rolling (forward, log, egg, etc.); and balancing on different number of body parts.
Purpose of Activity:
This activity serves as a culminating activity in which students can perform the skills they've learned in a challenging way.
Suggested Grade Level:
Materials Needed:
Enough die for small groups of 3-4 students each; posterboard; markers; and tape to make the die; tumbling mats
Lesson Plan:
Description of Idea

Use posterboard to make the six sides of each die. Draw, use pictures, and/or write the various challenges on each of the sides; use tape to tape the cube together.

Explain to students how one person in the group will roll the dice; each group member then gets to demonstrate how they meet the challenge. This is repeated until each student has had a chance to roll the die. If different die have different challenges, groups may decide to "change in" their die for a new one.

Possible ideas for challenges on the different die include:

Transfer weight-any type; any type of roll; balance on 2 body parts; roll again; your choice; travel on four body parts.

Forward roll; cartwheel; backward roll; crab walk; frog jump; roll again. (Use only for groups for which you know each student can perform each skill correctly)

Log roll; balance on 3 body parts; travel using hands and feet; roll again; repeat the last challenge; jump and make a wide shape.

Teaching Suggestions:

For an added extension for older students, you can have students take each of the challenges on their dice and make them into a sequence; each student performs the sequence in the same order. Students can be challenged to create "smooth transitions" between each movement.

Again, be sure to use dice which give "exact" challenges (e.g., "forward roll" only to those groups who you know can do them. Otherwise, give those groups die which have more "open-ended" challenges.

You can have one student in the class roll the die, and all students in the class then perform the challenge. This takes only one die.

Use different color markers to create different "levels" of die.
"Green" die, for example, are easiest; "blue" is medium; "red" is the most difficult skill level.

Assessment Ideas:

This idea could be used as an "assessment station"; the challenge rolled is what they need to demonstrate. The use of a large mat for students to perform the skills at the same time can help save time.
Tami Walker who teaches at Graham Elementary School in Graham , WA . Posted on PEC: 6/10/2001.
This lesson plan was provided courtesy of P.E. Central (
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