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P.E. Central Lesson Plan: Phone Tag
Suggested Grade Level:
Pre K
Materials Needed:
Cones to mark boundaries and 2-4 foam balls (depending on the number of taggers)
Lesson Plan:
Description of Idea

This activity is designed for students to learn their phone number.

Set up cones to establish the playing area. Select 2-4 students to be the taggers and give each tagger a phone (foam) ball. Have all the students spread out in the playing area. On the teacher's "GO" signal, students will travel around the gym (skip, slide, gallop, walk, etc.). If a student gets tagged by a phone ball, they must walk over to the teacher and recite their phone number. After the student has recited their phone number, the student may enter the activity again.

Teaching Suggestions:

Make sure to switch taggers throughout the activity.
Instead of reciting phone numbers have students recite their address, birthday, and year they were born.
Shawn Fortner who teaches at Back Creek and Bent Mountain Elementary Schools in Roanoke, VA. Posted on PEC: 10/7/2001.
This lesson plan was provided courtesy of P.E. Central (
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