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P.E. Central Lesson Plan: Service Anyone?
Students should have learned proper grip, cues such as stiff wrist, follow through, and side to target.
Purpose of Activity:
This activity will allow students numerous opportunities to practice an overhand serve in both the deuce and the ad courts.
Suggested Grade Level:
Materials Needed:
2 tennis rackets for every six players; 20 tennis balls for every six players; 6 hula hoops for every six players; two clipboards and pencils for each court; and skill checksheet for peer assessment;
Lesson Plan:
Description of Idea

Assign 6 students to each tennis court. Two players will be at the service line in the ad and deuce courts, two players will receive serve on the other side of the net and two players will be at the net to retrieve balls hit into the net. Two of the students who are not serving are also conducting peer assessments and offering feedback with the help of the checksheet.

Place three hoops inside each service area. The activity begins with the servers serving both tennis balls into the proper court. The serving cues they will use are: side to target, hit at top of toss, straight arm, follow through. You can use other tennis serve cues as well if necessary.

Students will count 1 point if the ball goes over the net, 3 points if the serve lands in the service court, and 5 points if the serve lands in one of the hoops. Once each server finishes all 10 balls, the servers will rotate to the net sitters, the net sitters will rotate to the serve receivers, and the receivers will rotate to servers. This activity should last long enough for everyone to have two or three turns as the servers.

Teaching Suggestions:

While having tennis courts are ideal, you can also mark out an area with cones and use ropes for a net.

Assessment Ideas:

The net sitters will also have a clipboard that has the cues of the serve listed. The net sitter will check off the cues of the serve as they are observed in the server. The clipboards will then be turned in at the end of the activity.

Use a checksheet while you walk around providing feedback to students to record student skill.

Adaptations for Students with Disabilities:

Students may be allowed to move up from the service line, a larger nerf ball may also be used.

An underhand serve may be used.
Brent Johns in Panama City, FL. Additional authors for this idea were None. Posted on PEC: 12/6/2001.
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