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P.E. Central Lesson Plan: Superstar Bowling
Purpose of Activity:
To reinforce the proper cues of rolling or bowling a ball and at the same time reinforcing cooperation and spelling skills. Activity cues: See PE Central Underhand Throwing Cues
Suggested Grade Level:
Materials Needed:
Carpet squares (I use the 24" x 24"); numbered cones (I use the 12" size); 8 1/2" Gatorskin balls; Alphalids (plastic caps with letters inside) OR use magic markers to make the letters in the lids of juice jars; buckets or large containers; Sports Illustrated for Kids Sports Personality Cards (or other sports personality cards); Physical activity: Underhand throwing
Lesson Plan:
Description of Idea

After a short warm up period to practice the correct bowling/rolling technique, stop the action and give each set of partners a Sports Illustrated for Kids Sports Card. The task is to spell out the name of the athlete on the card by acquiring letters (alphalids). The number of letters they are allowed to pick up is determined by how well they perform their physical task/challenge-bowling/rolling a ball onto a carpet square.

Scoring Rules (How many letters can I bring back?)

1 letter - If ball is bowled properly from behind the bowling line (even if kids completely miss the carpet square)

2 letters - if ball touches carpet square

3 letters - if ball rolls to a complete stop on top of the carpet square

When a group is finished spelling the name on their card they raise their hands and I check the words for spelling and then give them a new card to work on. The group leaves their completed cards and letters on the floor in front of their "wait line".

At the end of the activity, I collect and count all of the cards in their possession so we can compare the total to the next time we play (or to the last time we played).

Encourage your kids to communicate so they make smooth and quick trips to the buckets without bringing back unneeded letters. If someone brings back an incorrect letter I will return it for them or try to match their next new card with the name that allows them to use that letter.

The kids can go to any bucket they want to select their letters although I encourage them to use the bucket that is closest to their carpet square. They are allowed to dig through the buckets when searching for letters. They can bring back the letters in any order they desire but I have noticed that groups are more successful when they spell the names in order.

Alphalids: I made my lids by buying sets of 1" (25mm) Helvetica stick on letters (available at Office Max) and used tweezers to place the letters into 10K and Gatorade lids. Buying these sets provided me with the proper ratio of letters.

SI for Kids Cards: Try to select cards from the past couple of years. Earlier cards featured some odd fonts and they were tough to read.

Teaching Suggestions:

It is best to use the black lid with the white foam insert and they can be ordered from the Smith Container Corporation in Charlotte, NC. Please contact Mandy Woodard at 704-588-6770, ext. 226.


Use the spelling words the class is responsible for each week.

Add a fitness component to the task by having them roll the ball, search for card, and the partner retrieves the ball and sets up the cone.

Assessment Ideas:

Give a spelling test using the words used in class.

Have the students use a checksheet so they can check their own spelling and simply check off each word as they spell it Compare sheets from day to day as they challenge themselves to beat their previous score.
Tim Elrod who teaches at Shuford Elementary in Conover , NC . Posted on PEC: 4/2/2001.
This lesson plan was provided courtesy of P.E. Central (
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