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P.E. Central Lesson Plan: Who Let The Dogs Out
Suggested Grade Level:
Materials Needed:
Flag football flags (one per student); "Who Let The Dogs Out" song by the Baha Men
Lesson Plan:
Description of Idea

After setting up the movement boundaries, choose one student to be the dog catcher (i.e., the chaser). The rest of the class are the dogs (although you don't have to tell them that!). Each dog (chasee) gets one flag and they will tuck the flag in the waistband in the back of their pants (or you can have them use the full flag belt system if you have them). The flags represent a tail on a dog. The dog catcher does not get a flag.

When the music starts, the dog catcher chases (use the locomotor skill of walking as that works the best) the dogs and try to steal their tail (flag). If their tail is "stolen", the dog catcher puts the flag on the floor and the dog whose tail was stolen now becomes a dog catcher and tries to steal tails.

Teaching Suggestions:

Start the activity at a slow pace (walking) and then change to a faster pace. As you see your students improve at moving through space safely, add more difficult locomotor movements like skipping, galloping, jogging, etc.

Assessment Ideas:

I watch to see if my students are able to move safely through general space. If collisions occur, I make the students move at a slower pace (walking) and will revisit teaching these skills so they are improved upon in the future.
Lori Pierog who teaches at Parkway Manor Elementary School in Allentown , PA . Posted on PEC: 12/14/2000.
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