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P.E. Central Lesson Plan: Compass Rose Tossing
Throwing and catching instruction. Teacher discussion on the cardinal directions and a compass rose. The teacher should label in advance each wall in the gym as north, south, east and west.
Purpose of Activity:
The children are encouraged to use different pieces of equipment to practice throwing and catching. The children will use cardinal directions of North, South, East and West in making a compass rose with the equipment. Children will have to use higher order thinking and decision making skills during this activity. Activity cues: Review PEC cues for throwing and catching.
Suggested Grade Level:
Materials Needed:
Bean bags; hackey sack balls; rings; dots; mouse pads Physical activity: Throwing and Catching
Lesson Plan:
Description of Idea

Children are instructed to pick up a ball, ring, dot and a beanbag and to put the equipment in the following order: the dot is in the center, the ball is to the east, the ring is to the north, the bean bag is to the west, and the student is to the south. The teacher will review the directions located on each wall of the gym. The teacher will call out cardinal directions and the children will practice tossing equipment up and catching it. The teacher directions will not include saying the equipment, but will use a direction: i.e., east will mean tossing the ball, north will indicate tossing the ring, west will indicate tossing the bean bag, etc.
Children can be given two cardinal directions to use at the same time.

Next have the children practice tossing to a target, giving directions such as "Using the west equipment (bean bag), toss to land in the north equipment (ring)". Have children increase their distance when successful. Children will be given a mouse pad to be placed in the northeast corner that will also be used as a target. Children will use the east (ball) and west (bean bag) equipment to hit the targets. Encourage children to throw equipment to a target that is similar in shape, i.e., throwing the ball to the ring and the bean bag to the mouse pad.


Increase the distance of the targets.

Give the children a pattern to catch like east, west, east, east, west, west.

Have the children use different locomotor patterns around the different directions.

Assessment Ideas:

Use a paper and pencil assessment to see if children understand cardinal directions.

Discuss the differences in throwing two pieces of equiment and the terms "simultaneous" and "alternating". Discuss whether throwing in a pattern would be a simultaneous or alternating throwing pattern.

Adaptations for Students with Disabilities:

Have children help each other if they have difficulty in deciding which piece of equipment to use (e.g. identifying cardinal directions).
Nancy McGregor who teaches at Centerville Elementary in Anderson , SC . Posted on PEC: 6/5/2001.
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