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P.E. Central Lesson Plan: Card Suit Aerobics
Students should be able to perform a variety of locomotor skills.
Purpose of Activity:
To enhance aerobic fitness and help students understand different movements that can be used to keep fit and active.
Suggested Grade Level:
1 and up
Materials Needed:
Four cones or hula hoops; three to four decks of playing cards; white board or chalkboard;
Lesson Plan:
Description of Idea

First discuss with students activities they perform that are good -- and not good -- for their heart (for example, "riding their bike" is helpful to keep the heart strong, while "watching TV" is not). Relate how the movements they will be performing today and the activity in general will be helpful to make and keep their heart strong.

Then, on the whiteboard/chalkboard, draw the four card suits and write the locomotor skill each suit represents next to it. Review this with the students. Example: Heart=Run, Spade=Skip, Diamand=Gallop, Club=Hop.

Note to students the cone or hoop at each corner of the gym and how different cards are scattered around the cone or in the hoop. Explain how they will be going to one station to begin, pick a card, and then move to the next station (show direction of movement) using the movement their card suit represents. (You may wish to have a child demonstrate how this is all done.) At the next station, they leave the first card (face down) and choose another one, then move on to the next station using that new movement.

Once the activity is explained, divide students equally between corners in order to begin. Periodically, you may choose to have students come back in and change the movements that will be done for each suit (this will give them a needed rest!). It is also a good idea at this time to discuss how their heart (should be) beating faster...if they are getting hot...etc., to show that they are being active.


You may do this activity for a set time limit, or have the students keep all the cards they pick up and continue until all cards are gone.

You can remove the wild cards or leave them for students to perform the skill of their choice.

Assessment Ideas:

At the end of the lesson, question students about types of movements they perceived to raise their heart rate the most. A portfolio sheet showing different activities that are helpful (and not!) for being active can also be given to students; they circle the helpful activities and "x-out" the non-helpful activities.

Adaptations for Students with Disabilities:

You could use non-locomotor skills, such as swinging, swaying, bending, arm circles, etc. A student who is not ambulatory can stay at the same station but choose different cards at that station.
David Frisz who teaches at Davis Park Elementary in Terre Haute, IN. Posted on PEC: 9/22/2001.
This lesson plan was provided courtesy of P.E. Central (
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