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P.E. Central Lesson Plan: Winter Olympics in the Gym
Purpose of Activity:
Students will develop their physical fitness while learning about some of the WinterOlympic Games.
Suggested Grade Level:
Materials Needed:
For each 4-person team you will need the following: 2 carpet squares; 1 bean bag ;wall targets; 2 scooters with the handles duct-taped or tied together; 2-4 scooters; hockey stick; 1 wiffleball (optional); 4 paper plates; cones; 2 plungers
Lesson Plan:
Description of Idea

Arrange a line of starting cones on one side of the activity area with another coneacross from them at the opposite end of the area. Do the same on the other side of the gym. This way kids/groups that are traveling will be criss-crossing each other so they will have to pay attention! Assign each group of 4students to a starting cone. Explain and demonstrate each activity and the matching Olympic event. Please note safety concerns when necessary (especially with the scooters). On the signal, students travelacross the gym and back performing the following "events" until the stop signal is given. (If a group "finishes" before the stop signal they are to continue going starting with the first event):

Biathalon - Each group has 2 carpet squares and 1 bean bag. Studentsuse the carpet squares for skiis. They travel across the gym, holding thebean bag, to the cone and throw the bean bag at the target on the wall. Thestudent retrieves the bean bag and returns to the line.

2-Person Bobsled - The first student sits on the scooter with their legscrossed. The second student sits behind the first on another scooter andhooks his/her legs around the waist of the first. Then theytravel across the gym and back using their arms to propel them.

4-Person Bobsled - Same as above with 4 students.

Hockey Dribble - Using a hockey or pillo polo stick each student dribbles a beanbag or wiffle ball aroundthe cone on the other side of the gym and back.

Pairs Figure Skating - The first two students hold hands or hook elbowsand travel side by side across the gym and back with their feet placed onpaper plates for skates.

Cross Country Skiing - Each student kneels on the scooter with theirseat on their feet and uses plungers to propel their scooter across thegym, around the cone, and back.

The Luge - Using two scooters that have been tied or taped together,the first student lays on their back on the scooter. The second studentgently pushes the person on the scooter around the cone and back.

Note: For a great "Olympic bulletin board", cut out pictures of the aboveevents from the newspaper and magazines and label.
Sharon Welch who teaches at Potowmack Elementary School in Sterling , VA . Posted on PEC: 3/21/2001.
This lesson plan was provided courtesy of P.E. Central (
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