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P.E. Central Lesson Plan: Bath Time
Knowledge of how to do light weight lifting exercises in a purposeful and safe manner. General overview of the name, location, and function of the muscles in the upperbody. Station or learning center protocols.
Purpose of Activity:
To develop upper body strength and endurance.
Suggested Grade Level:
Materials Needed:
Scooters; old towels; rubber ducks filled with sand (seal hole with duck tape--pun intended); cones; 3 foot plastic wands; foam balls; barrels; gym tape and hoops; Possible music (from Amazon;com): Splish Splash I Was Taking A Bath by Bobby Darin Tiny Bubbles by Don Ho Singin' In The Rain Rubber Ducky You're the One Yellow Submarine by the Beatles
Lesson Plan:
Description of Idea

Set up 4 stations in the corners of your teaching space. (Gym or Field). After a demonstration of the activities, ask the students to go and sit in the area where they would like to begin. Groups should be equal in size. Allow 3 minutes or so in each area. The students begin the activity when the music starts and end the activity and clean up their area when the music stops. After the areas are cleaned up, allow students to move to the area of their choice as long as they haven't been there yet.

Station 1: Scooters Swimming - Set up an oval area of cones and have the students travel on their tummies on the scooters around the cones using their arms only to "Swim".

Equipment Needed: One scooter for each child, 12 cones set in an oval.

Station 2: Rubber Duck Curls - each student should have 1 rubber duck and in the time allotted will perform sets of 10 bicep curls with the rubber duck alternating arms.

Equipment Needed: rubber ducks filled with sand, one for each child.

Station 3: Row, Row, Row Your Boat - Students sit on the scooters and hold a wand in their hands. They reach out with hands on the wand and reach legs out simultaneously. Pull back on the wand and heels at the same time. Heel pulling along the floor will pull the scooter forward. Continue around the "Tub" (Oval loop of cones) until music stops.

Equipment Needed: One scooter and one wand for each student, 10-12 cones set in an oval shape.

Station 4: Down The Drain - Holding a towel with a partner you throw as many balls from the towel into the drain (a barrel) as you can in the 3 minutes. Once the ball is in the barrel it stays there. Set the throwing distance based on the skills of your learners. (8 feet would be a good distance for most 3-5 graders)

Equipment Needed: One towel or Fling-It net and barrel for every two students, plenty of foam balls, tape to mark throwing line, hoops to hold unthrown balls.

Teaching Suggestions:

Allowing students to randomly group themselves gives them more ownership in the process.

Assessment Ideas:

Ask children what the bath activities helped improve upper body trength or endurance. Ask children how they could of used the rubber ducks to work out specific muscles (lifting them in a bench press style would work out which muscle? demonstrate).
Holly Blythe who teaches at The Logan School for Creative Learning in Denver , CO . Additional authors for this idea were John Stults. Posted on PEC: 10/8/2000.
This lesson plan was provided courtesy of P.E. Central (
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