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P.E. Central Lesson Plan: Shopping at the Lift and Carry Store
Introduction to the correct technique of lifting and lowering an object (i.e., bend knees and use the legs, not the back).
Purpose of Activity:
To provide students with the opportunity to practice proper body alignment when lifting, carrying and lowering an object.
Suggested Grade Level:
Materials Needed:
1 milk crate or small box per group; 2 hula hoops per group; a variety of objects to place in hula hoops -- approximately 10-12 of each of the following: balls; rings; dice; rubber chickens; frisbees; poly-spots; wooden and/or plastic bowling pins; small weights; etc;; one "shopping list" per group of two students;
Lesson Plan:
Description of Idea

Before class, make up "shopping lists" by listing different pieces of equipment, in different orders (e.g., not all balls are first on everyone's list) on pieces of paper. Then, spread hula hoops filled with various pieces of equipment: balls, weights, pins, beanbags, etc., around the room. At the other end of the room, place the other hula hoops in a row; put one crate or small box in each hoop.

At the beginning of class, explain and/or review the correct lifting and lowering technique (i.e., bend the knees and use the legs, not the back) with students. Then explain and demonstrate and have students participate in the following:

Pair students up. Each group gets one "shopping list", then goes to one hoop with a crate or box in it. The first student in each group will go "shopping" by properly bending down, lifting the milk crate from in front of hula hoop, properly carring it to other end of gym, and properly lowering it down to ground. The student will "buy" the first object on his/her group's list by picking it up, place it in the crate, lifting the crate back up, and carrying the crate back to the hula hoop. There, they correctly lower the crate to the ground, take the object out of the crate, and place the "bought" object in hoop. The next student then repeats the above steps, shopping for the second object on the list. Have students go until all objects are "bought" (placed in hoop), then return all objects back to hoop one at a time the same way.

Teaching Suggestions:

Shorten the distance between hoops.

Have less objects to "buy".

Instead of empyting the crate each time, allow students to keep adding objects to their crate or box. How many items on their list can they safely carry?

Allow students to "buy" any object, without the use of the "shopping list".

Be sure to use a number of objects of varying weight. Children love the challenge of trying to lift different objects.

Assessment Ideas:

Observe students to see if they are correctly using the proper technique for both lifting and lowering.
Deanna McMullen who teaches at Marshall Elementary in Livonia , MI . Posted on PEC: 8/17/2000.
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