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P.E. Central Lesson Plan: Crazy Colors
Purpose of Activity:
To help learn about and improve students cardiovascular fitness.
Suggested Grade Level:
Materials Needed:
36 small (index-size) cards -- 6 each with the color "red"; "green"; "purple"; "orange";"yellow"; or "blue" written on them; 36 small color cones (6 each of red;green; purple; orange; yellow; and blue; up-beat music at least 4-5 minutes long; CD/Tape player;
Lesson Plan:
Description of Idea

Place cones in a scattered formation around the activity area, as far apart as possible. Under each cone, place one small index card that has a color written on it. Be sure not to put a color card under a cone of the same color (i.e., a card with the word "red" written on it should not be placed under a "red" cone).

Students begin in a scattered formation in the activity area. When
the music begins, students jog (medium speed) to any cone and look under it, read the color which the card says, replace the card under the cone (demonstrate to students how to place the cone over the card so the next person does not see the color on the card), and then jog to a cone of that same color (e.g., if the color "green" is written on a card, the student would jog to a "green" cone). Students continue moving from cone to cone until the music stops.

At the end of a minute or so, stop the music. Have students feel their heart and how fast it is beating. Remind them that their heart loves for them to be active like this! Call out a new locomotor movement for children to use, challenge students to move to as many cones as possible, and begin the music again.

After repeating the activity a few times, have children sit in a group. Discuss why the heart was going fast (they were moving, etc.) and how being active like this is important to keep one's heart healthy. Ask students to name other activities which are good for their heart.

Teaching Suggestions:

Use music which of varying tempos so children speed up and slow down to the beat.

Have students move in different directions (forward, backward,
sideways, etc.)

Pair a child who does not know his/her color words with a child who does.

You can also arrange the cones around the perimeter of the playing area.

Children can be challenged to see how many cones they can go to in a specific time span, for added fun. Or, have them count how many total cones they go to throughout the whole activity.

For some added fun "confusion", write the color words on the small cards in a magic marker color different than the word you are writing. For example, write the word "green" using a red marker. This really makes students read the words carefully!

If you do not have different colored cones, you can use colored poly spots or even cones of all one color. Students have to move from cone to cone until they find a card with a different color than the one they just read. This is a little more difficult!
Kim Sentman who teaches at Leeds Elementary School in Elkton , MD . Posted on PEC: 6/10/2001.
This lesson plan was provided courtesy of P.E. Central (
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