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P.E. Central Lesson Plan: Team Shot (Basketball Shooting)
Instructions and prior lessons on properly shooting a basketball.
Purpose of Activity:
To give students several opportunities to practice shooting a ball from a variety of places around a basketball goal. Activity cues: See PE Central's Cues for Shooting a Basketball
Suggested Grade Level:
Materials Needed:
Five poly spots per basket; one ball for each student with a variety of sizes to choose from; several basketball goals set at various heights;
Lesson Plan:
Description of Idea

Divide the students into groups. The number of groups should be the number of baskets plus one. Place 5-6 poly spots around a basketball net in a horse-shoe, or U shape. Each group is at a basket, with each student standing on a spot. The group left over is in the middle of the gym, practicing their dribbling and/or passing skills.

One student from each group shoots the ball at the goal. Each student continues to follow in order, shooting the ball. The students shoot in the same order in their group, one at a time. Children can move their poly spots closer or further away from the goal if they wish.

The goal is to score a certain number of baskets determined by the teacher. Start out with a low number first, such as five. Once a group has scored that number of baskets, they go to the middle of the floor and start practicing their dribbling or passing, while the waiting group sets themselves up at the empty basket. The group in the middle will take the next available basket. When students move to a new basket they should also shoot from anotherspot in the horseshoe.


To create more opportunities for practice consider creating stations using hoops taped against the wall or barrels for the students to shoot at.

Instead of shooting for a score have the students just shoot for a set number of minutes and then just rotate them.

Assessment Ideas:

Asking waiting group in the middle the proper way to shoot a ball. You could have a paper and pencil assessment sheet ready for them to fill out. This will help you gain insights as to whether or not they understand the proper way to shoot.

Have the waiting group use our Cue Checklist Sheet to assess other classmates about their shooting form.


They can use this Basketball Shooting Assessment Sheet.
Deanna McMullen who teaches at Marshall Elementary School in Livonia, MI, MI. Posted on PEC: 10/2/2001.
This lesson plan was provided courtesy of P.E. Central (
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