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P.E. Central Lesson Plan: Healthy Haunted House
Purpose of Activity:
To have the students participate in a fitness activity that relates to the time of year. This "healthy haunted house" reinforces many skills that are covered in most P.E. programs and encourages the students to remain on task for an entire class period.
Suggested Grade Level:
Materials Needed:
Folding mats; cones; hula hoops; footballs; basketballs; volleyballs; frisbees; soccer balls; macarena music; Optional - pumpkin lights and carved pumpkins with candles
Lesson Plan:
Description of Idea

You will need to set up 13 stations (listed below) throughout your gym. I use folding mats and cones to create an obstacle-like course. I also give each group a map of the course.

At each station I have a laminated sign taped to a cone, describing the task that must be completed. I dim the lights of my gym and decorate with pumpkin lights and carved pumpkins with candles, but this is optional. Don't dim to far as the students need to see what they are doing for safety reasons.

Hint: be sure that the students know to return the equipment to where they found it, so that it is there for the next group. The students practice teamwork, rotating to the next station once everyone in the group has completed the task.


Full Moon Football - complete 10 passes and 10 snaps with a partner.

Spooky Sit-ups - complete 30 crunches on the mat

Batty Basketball - make 3 free throws

Pumpkin Push-ups - do 20 push-ups

Groovin' Ghost - dribble around the ghost shaped cones

The Goblin's Jump - long jump three times, each time trying to jump further

Vampire Volleyball - using bumping and setting, pass the ball back and forth 10 times

Freaky Frisbee - pass the frisbee 10 times

Spider Soccer - dribble the soccer ball around the cones

Monster Mash Macarena - listen to the music, do the macarena 5 times

Boo Basketball - complete 5 lay-ups

Witch's Locomotor Sprint - run, skip, slide, the length of the gym

Haunted Hula Hooping - hula hoop 30 times

Assessment Ideas:

In my class, we are fortunate to have 24 heart rate monitors. I do this activity in hopes that the students are working in their target heart rate. This is also a great way to observe the previous task that have been taught to the students. Since Halloween in toward the beginning of the school year, this allows you to see how much your students retained over the summer.
Stacy Potter who teaches at Noblesville Intermediate School in Noblesville, IN. Posted on PEC: 10/13/2001.
This lesson plan was provided courtesy of P.E. Central (
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