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P.E. Central Lesson Plan: Turkey Strut
The ability to move safely through general space.
Purpose of Activity:
For students to have fun participating in a holiday game while working on their locomotor skills.
Suggested Grade Level:
Materials Needed:
26 hula hoops; 26 small cones; 2 sets of small alphabet cards and/or alphabet bean bags (1 set for basket and 1 set for hula hoops); fun music; CD or Cassette Player; basket/box for letters; cones or other markers to designate a large rectangular play area; paper "turkeys" (can be drawn; or cut from an Ellison die machine);
Lesson Plan:
Description of Idea

Scatter the hula hoops out in the play area. Place a different letter in each hoop (using one set of either laminated poster board cards or the alphabet bean bags).

Explain the activity as follows: Students will begin moving around the general space using the locomotor movement which you call out, while avoiding stepping inside the hoops. When the music stops they will need to find a hoop to stand in, a la "musical chairs" (more than one student is allowed to stand in each hoop). The teacher then chooses a student to come over and choose a letter from the basket; the student then calls out the letter. The student(s) standing in that hoop all receive a "turkey". The student who called out the letter then takes a cone over to that hoop and places the cone in the hoop; students may no longer stand in this hoop when the music stops (be sure to set this now-used letter aside). The student then re-enters the activity; the music and movement begin again. When there are too few hoops to allow everyone to safely have at least one foot in a hoop, then begin the game again (take the cones out of the hoops). The student who collects the most turkeys at the end of the game can get to line up first or have some other similar "reward". Make sure students correctly understand the activity, then begin play!

Teaching Suggestions:

Laminate the alphabet cards and/or turkeys for a longer life.

Assessment Ideas:

Observe each student's ability to correctly perform the locomotor skill called out.
Jacqueline Mitchell who teaches at Love T. Nolan Elementary School in College Park , GA . Posted on PEC: 5/24/2001.
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