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P.E. Central Lesson Plan: Thanksgiving Stations
Purpose of Activity:
To pre-assess younger students abilities in three areas--in particular throwing.
Suggested Grade Level:
Materials Needed:
Fleece balls; Turkey targets (plastic door decorations with a hole cut into it); Stepping stones (Flaghouse catalog); Balloons; Lollipop paddles; Poly-spots
Lesson Plan:
Description of Idea

Set up the following three stations in your activity area. You can have more stations if you wish and not limit them to only these three. For this particular lesson I used it as a pre-assessment to determine the basic ability of my students' overhand throw. I was looking for those who have no or poor skill concept of how to throw a ball. This helped me to determine the level of my classes and the basis of the activities within the throwing unit.

Station #1: "THANKS"

Set up large pieces of paper with 1 letter on each piece to spell "THANKS". Place polyspots on the floor for throwers to stay behind.

Object is to throw the fleece ball at the "T". Once students have hit the "T" they move down to the "H" and so on to hit every letter and spell out the word THANKS.

Station #2: "STUFF THE TURKEY"

Place polyspots on the floor for throwers to stay behind. For a target use aplastic turkey door decoration and cut a hole into the middle of it. Varythe size of the hole for different ability levels.

Object is to throw the stuffing (fleece ball) into the turkey target tostuff him for Thanksgiving Day.

Station #3: "MASH POTATOES"

Scatter the stepping stones in a small area of the floor.

The object is to have the students jump from one potato to the next to mash them. The students love this station because the stepping stones make a squeak noise and immediately regain their shape.


Set up the balloons as the turkeys. I prefer white balloons so with a magic marker I can draw on a face and colored tail feathers). Place boxes or crates for the turkey's pen. Set out the lollipop paddles. The object is to use the foam paddle to guide--not hit-- the turkey into it's pen. If they hit the turkey he will go up into the air and fly away so you have to guide him and keep him close to the ground. Only the paddle can touch the turkey - no body part may help.

Assessment Ideas:

Allow students to adjust their station to their ability levels. In throwing stations allow the more advanced to move their spot back and those struggling to move their spot up closer to allow for more success. The stepping stones can be moved farther away or closer depending on the skill levels.
Pamela Gauss who teaches at Homestead-Wakefield Elementary in Bel Air , MD . Posted on PEC: 5/23/2001.
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