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P.E. Central Lesson Plan: To The Beat
Prior discussion regarding the different rhythms and beats that occur in music. Review the cues of throwing (side to the target, step with the opposite foot, etc.) and catching (reach and give with arms).
Purpose of Activity:
The purpose of this activity is for students to get a feel for different rhythms through throwing and catching.
Suggested Grade Level:
Materials Needed:
Music with different rhythms; a tape/CD player; and different objects to throw (balls of a variety of sizes; yarn balls; bean bags; spider balls; deck rings) Physical activity: Throwing and Catching
Lesson Plan:
Description of Idea

Have students pair up, find an object they want to throw and catch, and find a good space in general space. On the teachers signal the students are asked to throw to their partner keeping time with the beat of the music. The partner will catch the ball and throw it back to their partner in rhythm. The students should find that they throw on a certain beat and catch on a certain beat. If students have difficulty throwing and catching to the rhythm, the teacher may need to stop and have them clap, stomp or other manipulative ways to "feel" the rhythm.


Have students throw and catch at different levels (high, medium, low).

Play music with different tempos.

Add other equipment (2 balls, 2 bean bags).

On the drum beat or teachers signal have them quickly find another partner and start throwing and catching on the beat.

Splice a tape together of music that has different beats and when they hear the change they have to change their throwing and catching rhythm.
Kimra Mullis. Posted on PEC: 4/16/2001.
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