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P.E. Central Lesson Plan: Striking Zone
Students need to have had instruction about the different capitols of each state.
Purpose of Activity:
Review the states and their capitols
Suggested Grade Level:
Materials Needed:
A small ball (foam or tennis ball) for each pair; paddles to strike with if you choose to; large (preferably laminated) scale maps of the United States to be placed around the gym walls; (Students can create the states (large versions) that are placed around the gym wall in advance of the lesson;) Physical activity: Striking with body parts
Lesson Plan:
Description of Idea

Prior to students arriving post the enlarged maps around the gym area that the students created in advance. Randomly assign a pair of students a map to work with. Give each pair of students one small ball to use for striking.

On the teachers signal, each student will use their hand or a paddle to strike the ball in different ways towards the wall (use the right and the left hand if not using the paddle). When the ball hits a state, the students are asked to recite the capitol of that state. Students are not to hit the ball continuously. They should catch the ball after they hit it. If they do not know the capitol or the state, their partner can help them.

Each student is to alternate with their partner. The teacher can specify to hit the ball to a high level; or to a low level; to the right, or to the left; with the right hand, left hand, backwards, under a body part; in the center of the state; or anywhere allowing for different patterns of striking.

This activity would work well as a station during a striking "unit".


Students can use racquets with the right and left hand.

The map can be of a different country or continent.

For the younger kids, they can just do recognition of the state.

They can be asked to name something other than the capitol that they know about the state, such as a name of a lake, river, mountain range, the state flower, etc.

Invite students that are really good strikers to do this continuously.
Kathleen McCracken. Posted on PEC: 5/23/2000.
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