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P.E. Central Lesson Plan: Geography Pinball
Review the states, capitals and the characteristics (i.e., national monuments, state flower, bird, etc...) of each state.
Purpose of Activity:
To review the states, capitals, and their characteristics.
Suggested Grade Level:
Materials Needed:
One "gatorskin" foam ball; and "funoodles" cut into thirds (approximately two foot sections); (Funoodles are long 4" round styrofoam floats kids use in the pool in the summertime;) At least four colors of noodles are needed; US Map painted on the ground; Physical activity: Striking with Implements
Lesson Plan:
Description of Idea

Divide class into four evengroups. Each group stands on one side of a US Map which is paintedon the court. If you have no map, use any other lines to form asquare or rectangle.

This activity starts with one player from eachteam in the center. The four players "face off" by touching the ballwith the noodle, and on the signal "Play!" attempt to strike the ballwith the noodle across any team's line except his/her own. Players onthe sidelines are also holding noodles and strike the ball back totheir team's center player. If the ball crosses a team's line, apoint is scored against that team. The point is erased if the teamcan verbally direct its center player to stand on the state called bythe teacher.

Each group of players gets 2-3 minutes ofrunning time to be center players. Fifteen to twenty seconds areallowed to find the states. Sideline players needto be reminded to stay in their positions (by not moving in front ofteammates) and to keep one foot OFF the map. (I allow them to stepwith ONE foot onto the map as they swing at the ball.)

At the end ofthe allotted time, the points that are accumulated by each team arekept if the team can verbally direct different players on their teamto stand on the state called by the teacher (if they made 5 points,then 5 different players must stand on the 5 states the teacher callsout). No matter how many or how few points a team has at the end oftime, the score, when students ask, is always FUN to FUN!
Ken Andrews who teaches at Trapnell Elementary School in Plant City , FL . Posted on PEC: 5/23/2000.
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