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P.E. Central Lesson Plan: Continent Adventure
Review the continents and pertinent facts about the continents for appropriate grade levels. Review moving safely in general space and a variety of different locomotor skills. Allow the students to make the cut-outs of the continents in class to use with the physical education lesson and in the classroom.
Purpose of Activity:
The purpose of the activity is to review or learn information regarding the 7 continents on our planet. It is also a fun movement and fitness activity.
Suggested Grade Level:
Materials Needed:
Up tempo music; poly spots or hula hoops (one for each student); a world map; color coded continent cut-outs made of seven different colors of paper; 12 copies of each continent; Physical activity: Locomotor Skills
Lesson Plan:
Description of Idea

Place the continents along the basketball bounderies of the gymnasium. Inside the basketball court place more than enough polyspots for each one of the students.The students are given directions to stay inside of the court moving safely away from the slippery pieces of paper on the outside line. Also instruct them to move without bumping or pushing each other. Review the continents on the world map. Instruct the students to move the way the teacher directs when the music is playing. When the music stops find a polyspot. The teacher asks a question or states a fact about one of the seven continents.(i.e. On which continent do we live?) After the Question, students will walk to find the continent on the boundary line and point to it. They have a time limit and no more than two people can point to the same continent at one time. The teacher counts down from fifteen and students must be pointing at the continent at the end of this time. Ask the students to identify the color continent to which they are pointing. Assess their responses. If there are incorrect responses, discuss the correct answer and continue with another locomotor movement to music.

Sample questions:

What continent is the farthest south and has really cold temperatures?

What continent is home to the Koala bear? the kangaroo? the Platapuss?

What continent has the largest land area?

What continent is home to the countries of Spain, France, and Italy?

Alter the questions in conjunction with what is taught at each grade level. Vary the music and the type of skill to include walking, running, jumping, hopping, skipping, galloping, leaping, and crawling.


Variation #1: Have students create movements that are common with a particular continent (i.e. Kangaroo jumping in Australia)

Variation #2: Have students integrate language arts into this lesson by having them spell names, capitals, etc. of the continents with their bodies.

Assessment Ideas:

Take out a map of the world that you made with extra cut outs. Test students randomly by pointing to different continents. Have the students tell you the name of each continent and give a fact about the continent. The same type of map can be used as a worksheet or homework to take back to the classroom to complete. Ask students to identify what is missing on the teacher's world map. (Students will be quick to point out that the map does not have a key, labels for oceans and continents, lines of latitude and longitude, mountain ranges, rivers, etc.)
Williams J. Wirth who teaches at Burton Geo-World in Chapel Hill , NC . Posted on PEC: 5/23/2000.
This lesson plan was provided courtesy of P.E. Central (
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