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P.E. Central Lesson Plan: Spell Race
Purpose of Activity:
To have students work on their spelling skills and word recognition skills.
Suggested Grade Level:
2nd and Up
Materials Needed:
6 hula hoops and approximately 35-40 frisbees or cardboard pieces; Physical activity: Locomotor Skills
Lesson Plan:
Description of Idea

Ask classroom teachers in advance for a list of their upcoming spelling words. Take an erasable marker (if using frisbees) or just mark one side of a piece of cardboard with letters (one letter on each piece) and scatter the pieces/frisbees around the playing area.

Divide class into 6 equal teams (usually 4-5 on a team) and have them sit in squad formation behind a hula hoop at one end of the gymnasium. Write one of the spelling words for that grade level on the blackboard or on a large piece of poster board that you can hold up.

On the teachers signal, the 1st person from each team runs out and picks up one of the frisbees/cardboard. If the letter on the reverse side can be used to spell the word, the student runs back with it and places it in front of the hoop. The student then tags the next person's hand and he/she does the same. If a frizbee/card cannot be use, it is returned to the same spot and that child runs back and tags the next person's hand. The team that successfully spells the word earns a point. The first team to a certain number of points wins.


Use different locomotor movements (i.e., skipping, sliding, grapevining, hopping, crab crawl, bear walk, etc.) to get to the frisbees with the letter on it.

To downplay the "winners" change the teams after two games.

To incorporate math place numbers under the frizbees or cardboard pieces. Place a math problem on the board (grade appropiate) and the students have to obtain the correct answer by adding together their cards/frisbees.
Gary Wojton who teaches at Peterson Elementary School in Chicago , IL . Posted on PEC: 5/22/2000.
This lesson plan was provided courtesy of P.E. Central (
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