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P.E. Central Lesson Plan: Let's Spell
Ask the classroom teacher what letters or spelling words they are working on for a particular week.
Purpose of Activity:
To create letters and words with jump ropes to reinforce language arts work in the classroom.
Suggested Grade Level:
Materials Needed:
Letters and words that can be viewed via an overhead projector; posted on the classroom wall; or on flashcards; One jump rope for each student; Physical activity: Non-locomotor skills of bending; stretching and twisting or various locomotor skills
Lesson Plan:
Description of Idea

Have the students get a single jump rope and move to their own self-space. Show one letter at a time on the overhead (or point out letter on the wall or use flashcards). After showing a letter, have students make that letter with their body first and then make that letter with the jump rope. Activities that can be done after making each letter include:

jump the rope while reciting the alphabet up to the letter being used (ex: letter is "G", ABCDEFG and jump the rope 7 times)

if a jump rope skill is known that starts with the letter have them perform that jump rope skill (ex: letter is "S", jump the rope slow, letter is "B", jump the rope backwards)

jump the rope with a partner and spell the words together

have them make letters that begin with different locomotor skills, such as "G", then have students perform that locomotor skill around or over the rope.

Later on, students can work in groups of 2 or more. Show one word at a time on the overhead. Have the groups make the word with the jump ropes and then with their bodies use the activities mentioned above or come up with your own.

Click here to see a power point presentation of this idea.


Give each group a different word from an index card to make with their jump ropes. Then have the groups go around and see if they can read the other groups words.

Form words using holiday themes such as "Boo" or "Bunny".

Teacher can go around the room and guess the letters or words.
Christine Albrightson who teaches at Swanson Elementary School in Brookfield, WI. Posted on PEC: 11/1/2003.
This lesson plan was provided courtesy of P.E. Central (
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