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P.E. Central Lesson Plan: Link Up
Students must have practice spelling words and exposure to the different locomotor skills being used.
Purpose of Activity:
To practice spelling words while using a variety of locomotor skills and movement concepts.
Suggested Grade Level:
Materials Needed:
Large space; at least three copies of every letter on pieces of construction paper (3 A's; 3 B's; etc); Physical activity: Locomotor skills; space awareness and relationships (with body) movement concepts
Lesson Plan:
Description of Idea

Students are to scatter around the room in their personal space. Each student will be given a card (piece of paper) with a letter on it. The students will be instructed that they will either have a letter that is a part of the spelling word or it is not part of the spelling word. For those who have a letter in the spelling word - these students will "link-up" with other students to spell the word correctly. Students who have letters that do not belong in the spelling word are to stop and make the letters in the spelling word with their body (can use different levels, capitals vs lowercase, make letter with left side of body, right side of body, etc.). The teacher will then call out a spelling word and a movement and or movement concept (gallop, hop, run, jump, skip, crawl, forwards, backwards, sideways, etc.). After all students have completed their task, a new word and way to move is given.


The teacher may want to divide the class into several groups. This is a good activity to use for review prior to a spelling test. Have the students find each other on high, medium and low levels. Use this activity with more difficult words and with foreign language or sign language.

Assessment Ideas:

The teacher can obseve the students as they link-up and make sure that the word is spelled correctly. The students can all spell the word in unison once the "Link up" group(s) has constructed the spelling word.
Larissa Heimlich. Posted on PEC: 5/21/2000.
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