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P.E. Central Lesson Plan: Frisbee Throw and Catch
Suggested Grade Level:
3rd and Up
Materials Needed:
Cones for general space boundaries; appropriate sized foam and/or regular frisbees
Lesson Plan:
Description of Idea

Upon entering the playing area have students pair up. Have one of the students get a frisbee for them to throw. After getting a comfortable distance apart and making sure they are a safe distance from other groups, simply ask the students to throw and catch the frisbee.

This is a great time for the teacher to assess if students have learned the cues for throwing and catching a frisbee. Use our Cue Checklist to assist you in this task.

Teaching Suggestions:

Invite students to play One Step which has them start close together and everytime they successfully catch the frisbee they take one step back from each other. If one of them misses then they come back in and start again.

Invite the students to use "fancy catches" (i.e., behind the back, between the legs, etc.)
Mark Manross in Blacksburg, VA. Posted on PEC: 9/20/2001.
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