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P.E. Central Lesson Plan: Flag Steal
Suggested Grade Level:
4th and Up
Materials Needed:
Cones for general space boundaries and for "the stolen flag/safe area"; two velcro flags; one flag belt for each student
Lesson Plan:
Description of Idea

Have each student put on the flag belt and then attach the two flags so they are hanging from their hips. On the signal, students are to move throughout the playing space (i.e., walking, skipping) trying to steal as many flags as possible from other students in the playing area.

Upon stealing a flag students are to go to the stolen flag/safe area (coned off area in the middle or outside of playing area) and drop the flag. They can either go back out and try to get more flags or they can put flags on their empty belt if they had one stolen. No students are eliminated. Activity stops on teachers signal.

Teaching Suggestions:

1. Give feedback to those making nice dodges to avoid getting a flag taken.

2. Take resting pulse before and after activity to see how this activity raises heart rate.

3. Do not let students protect their belts with their hands. They need to use their dodging skills.

4. Set up boundary cones so they are AWAY from walls.

5. Make sure students can already move safely in general space with others before doing this activity.

6. Start the activity off by walking. Then change to more difficult locomotor movements as you are satisfied with safety.
Mark Manross in Blacksburg , VA . Posted on PEC: 3/10/2001.
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