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Our Customers share with us the creative and inspiring ideas they are
implementing in their programs with S&S Products.
Want to share your ideas with us on activities and projects with our products?
Email us at [email protected]

april customer chatter

Idea: Art Studio Time

We have what we call "Art Studio" every other Friday afternoon, where our sisters come to do art projects. We will have several projects laid out for them to pick from. They really enjoy this time to come together and be creative. We will use the mini velvet art posters to make homemade cards. And the sisters will use some of the other completed projects to decorate their rooms. 


- Mary Stover - Assisi House



Idea: Horse Camp Craft

These horse shoes (with the center star removed) will be decorated by campers at a horse camp. It will then be used as picture frames of each camper and their lesson horse.

- Pinewood Stable





Idea: Game On - VBS

We are using the "Game On" VBS material this year and S&S had the 12" plastic beach ball and Megaphones that will work great for ages 4 & 5. The children will use the stickers to decorate their crafts with. Great quality for your $$.


- Sue/Victor Baptist Church


Idea: 6th Grade Ancient Civilization

I teach Ancient Civilizations History in 6th grade. Children never really understand the process of making cloth and clothes, so I decided to try our own weaving using your cardboard hand looms.

- Miss Ferrara, Emery School





Idea: Cross Canvas

I volunteer at Boston Children's Hospital, and give kids these toys. They are good for putting a smile on the face of a really sick and depressed kid. It helps take their mind off of how sick they are. I tell them that whenever they're feeling down, shake the giggle stick. They love them.


- Joel Ginsberg / Child Life - Solid Organ Transplant Division


Idea: Cinco De Mayo

We plan on using the maracas in our Cinco de Mayo celebration ( 21st Century After School Program with Grades 1&2) when we have parents come and join their children in festivities. Painting he maracas is one activity planned for this celebration! The Maracas will be used to dance with as well! Students will take their decorated maracas home.

- Lenore Farm Hill Elementary School


Idea: Hoop Obstacle Course

Our program is doing a Sports Science and American Ninja theme this summer and the hula hoop stands will be used for a series of obstacle courses that we will be setting up for our children to participate in.


- Brigitte - Bainbridge Island Child Care


Idea: Memory Care

The Dolls will be comfort items for residents living with Alzheimer's/Dementia. Some may choose to dress them and/or feed them and that would be cognitive activity for them. The other two items will be fidget/cognitive type items.


- Debi/Christopher House



Idea: Parachute Surprise

We will be using the parachutes to cover and "unveil" our brand new mobile rec/art truck. then we will be using them at playgrounds around the city.

- Tracy/ City of Rock Hill Parks Recreation Tourism


Idea: Daddy Donut Day

Our school will use this product at our annual "Daddy Donut Day." Fathers and their children come together to spend time making a craft together and eating donuts.


- Lois - PS62


Idea: How to Save

We will be using the ceramic piggy banks this summer in a youth program designed to teach children the importance of saving and managing their money.

- Debbie/SLC 4-H


Idea: PE Central Challenge Rewards

To reward the students who earned the Gold Pin for completing all 6 of the challenges with the PE Central Challenge. I already have what was needed for those earning a Silver or Bronze pin or a Participant Certificate.


- James River Day School


Idea: Modified Putt Putt

The noodle connectors I will use for a PE class. I will put them at the bottom of another noodle and use it like a putter for a modified game of putt putt. The timers will be for students who get in trouble and have minutes off.

- Chris/PE teacher


Idea: Libraries "Rock"

Summer Reading program "Libraries Rock" craft sessions on painting of maracas.


- Mary/Littleton Public Library

march customer reviews

Idea: Stress Reduction

I use this product as a stress ball as a behavior modification intervention with children. They are encouraged to squeeze or throw it against an appropriate wall to reduce stress.

- Mind-Body RecTherapy





Idea: Cross Canvas

Our plan for the paint is to put painter’s tape on a canvas (8” x 12”) to make a cross. Next you paint over the tape covering the entire canvas with paint. When dry, you remove the painter’s tape & you have an Easter cross. My daughter-in-law, 6 grandkids & I go to a nursing home once a month to do crafts with the seniors.


- Charlotte


Idea: Learn to Juggle

I will be teaching approximately 30 classes of 3rd, 4th and 5th graders how to juggle!

- Joleen - Temecula Valley Unified School District





Idea: Spring is Coming

We will use the Bird Sun Catchers in our Dining Room windows to remind us that spring is coming!


- Wakonda Heritage Manor


February product tools for reviews


Idea: Kite Day

The Greene Optimist Club in Beavercreek OH, along with the Beavercreek Parks, Recreation and Culture, stages a Kite Day in April for kids in our area. The kids visit a number of exhibits and vendors offering summer activities - if they visit all the stops (getting stickers as they go along) then we give them a kite. The children love decorating the blank kites then flying them alongside dozens of other decorated kites.

- Dan - Greene Optimist Club





Idea: A Felt Dinner Preparation

They will be used to "prepare" felt diner food in an exhibit replicating an ice cream counter at the Douglass Community Center from the early 1950s. The Douglass Community Center started as a place for African American soldiers to relax on leave from the war when Kalamazoo was still very much segregated.


- Annette Hoppenworth/Kalamazoo Valley Museum



Idea: Superhero Capes

I love the smart-fab and I use it to make superhero capes and utility belts. I would be happy to send you pictures. I am an author of a series of superhero books and use art activities to enhance the lessons. The students decorate the capes and have so much fun becoming superheroes.

- Janet S. Lifshin, The HaHa Lady





Idea: Loopers Project Book

I’m putting together a craft book of projects made from loopers using the finger weaving technique and woven potholders. Being able tonight y loopers in bulk from your company has been helpful. My students from grades 1-5 will be making projects.


- Jacalyn Bak


Idea: Buck Hunter Funsraiser

Our school has a fundraiser called the Country Fair Jamboree. The $$ goes toward our students with intellectual and developmental differences. The deer will be part of a shooting gallery booth.

- North Florida School of Special Education





Idea: Indoor Park Theme

My company provides onsite childcare programs during business meetings, conferences, conventions... all around the country. The Wacky Flyers are always a big hit, we use them at most of our programs to go along with our "Indoor Park" theme.


- Erica McBurney / Plus One Meetings


Idea: Support Tools for Special Needs

I am an Elementary PE teacher. 1/3 of our population is Special needs. Using colorful visual markers will assist them with directions and color recognition. Many of these students have low muscle tone, motor and perceptual challenges, utilizing the parachute in various activities helps strengthen these areas.


- Nancy Adams/Madison Elementary





Idea: Color Therapy

I work in a psych. hospital with adult patients. The coloring sheets help with relaxation among our clients

- Sally Coliseum Center for Behavioral Health





Idea: February Fun Day Olympic Theme

Each February we have what we call "February Fun Day." It takes place on the Wednesday of school vacation week. Somewhat like at VBS day, starting with breakfast and ending with afternoon snacks before pick-up. Our theme is "Olympic" this year and instead of awarding individual medals for different places we decided that everyone will receive a medal because they are all special and participate so well.


- Vineyard Church


Idea: Fun Room DEcor

We cover the walls inside of our recreation room with the rolls of paper.

- Abigail, Rancho Simi Recreation and Park District





Idea: February Fun Day Olympic Theme

Each February we have what we call "February Fun Day." It takes place on the Wednesday of school vacation week. Somewhat like at VBS day, starting with breakfast and ending with afternoon snacks before pick-up. Our theme is "Olympic" this year and instead of awarding individual medals for different places we decided that everyone will receive a medal because they are all special and participate so well.


- Vineyard Church

January Customer Reviews



Idea: Indoor Soccer

Using for an indoor soccer unit with grades 3-8 in our gym. We were able to run a 3v3 tournament using these balls. The ball lasted much longer than the Poof brand.

- Pat B





Idea: High School Carnival

For the fish pond at our high school carnival


- Karen


Idea: A Better Experience for Senior Residents

The machine and the cards are used to help our residents enjoy a more rounded experience when they gather for there recreational time with others. Our facility is older, the residents match the facility and our goal is to bring a smile to there faces. It is hard when you are older to shuffle a deck of cards, the machine will make it better as the equipment will help and replace the hands. The cards also help as they are designed to show a broader range of size to the person holding the cards. I fully expect a better experience for our residents through the use of technology and card display. As we are a poor group, any kindnesses from your organization to try out are truly appreciated as we do not have large balances as we are State run and limited on funding. So any philanthropy on your end is always appreciated. Thank you.

- Alma










Idea: Sensory for Mental Health

I'm a mental health therapist and I'll be using the clear glue in a couple of ways. One way we use it is to make sensory bottles. The kids put glitter, confetti, beads, various other items in a clear shatter-proof bottle, add clear glue, and then add distilled water to make a calming tool. The glue allows the items to move slower in the bottle. We also use the clear and white glue to make non-toxic SLIME!! There are various recipes on YouTube, but my favorite is "fluffy" slime which includes clear glue, saline solution, food coloring, and shaving cream. Make sure to keep your slime in a plastic bag when its not in use for several days worth of play!

- Katrina Shain, LCPC -Moultrie County Counseling Center, Champaign Counseling, LLC





Idea: Sensory Construction Site

I am making an indoor construction site for my son with the kinetic sand. I got a shallow rubber made container with a lid to put the sand in, some small rocks, and mini construction trucks. The container easily slides under his train table so it is easy to store


- Amy


Idea: Drama Camp at Church

I teach a drama camp at church. This year our theme is called Mr. Potato Head Teaches the Bible


- Grace United Methodist Church





Idea: Play Therapy

I will be using the products I purchased today in Play Therapy with my clients ages 3+ to begin to help children feel safe, help them express feelings, teach coping skills, and to instil hope again. Children will draw a safe place on the pillow cases. The children will draw a safe and happy place on the pin wheels and later use the pinwheel for breathing and calming down when anxious. The timer is to help parents and kids to take “time outs” when anxious. The bubbles also teach children to breathe and calm down. All of the products will help children reduce anxiety PTSD symptoms. I am a NJ Registered Play Therapist with a private practice. I also work for a company to provide trauma focused Play therapy to children.


- Linda/ The Full Circle Mediation and Counseling Center




December Customer Chatter


Idea: Tic Tac Toe Relay

We will play Tic Tac Toe relay which I found on your site. (Tic Tac Toe Relay)

- Chris / After School Club









Idea: Event Volunteers

Our organization has a fall harvest festival, Zombie Run, Jingle Bell Hayride, Easter Egg Hunt. We use the wrist bands when participants check-in so we know who has paid. We also use them to identify volunteers.

- Friends of Kinder Farm Park





Idea: Roll The Dice

We got these inflatable dice to use for youth events at our church. In particular, first to use at a gift exchange and later for game times or perhaps VBS fun.


- Canne/Pleasant Valley Baptist Church


Idea: Waiting Room Fun

We will put thse items in our waiting room.

- The Speech and Learning Center






9 Bubble Maxi Mirror
$195.99 $143.99



Idea: Relaxation Class

I teach an art therapy for relaxation class for seniors and we will be using these items for upcoming programs and more.


- Aicha / Needham COA





Idea: Therapy Chair

My daughter is special needs. They have these chairs at her outpatient PT. We are using them at home. I got two because she has siblings and I can use it as a table.

- Julie/ Special Needs Mom




Educube Chair
As Low as $40.99


Idea: Tea Tray Gifts

Yes! I plan to paint and/or stain each tray in various colors/designs and decoupage the bottom of the tray with different designs. Each tray is for a different female family member (Mom, mother-in-law, sister and sisters-in-law). I’m making them each a tea tray “station” so they’ll get a decorative tray to hold the other little goodies I’m purchasing.


- Jacquelyn/family gift project


Idea: Mardi Gra Mask Making

I will be hosting a Mardi Gras mask Making event for our seniors in January. The wooden mask blanks are easy to hold and paint. We will then embellish them the crystal jewels to give them some sparkle. They will be used in our hall parade, and for table centerpieces as decor for our King's Cake celebration on Mardi Gras to determine our 2018 King & Queen.


- Tracey Carriage Inn Huntsville



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