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Here are some Quick Tips that Crafty Kate has gathered along the way to make your life easier! We're confident you have some tips as well and we would love to hear from you. After all, sharing is caring, send your crafty tips to [email protected]

  1. What kind of paint should I use on plastic? The truth is plastic is a slick nonporous surface. No paint of any kind will adhere well to plastic unless the slick surface is first abraded or scuffed up. Simply prime the plastic surface by sanding with fine-grit sandpaper. The sand paper will create a tooth or texture for the paint to adhere to. Next wipe off any dust from sanding using a clean cloth. Once prepared/primed you can use any kind of paint on the plastic surface. We have found acrylic to work the best. We also recommend applying a top coat of acrylic varnish or sealer over the finished painted surface for long-term preservation.
  2. How can I sharpen dull scissors? Simply cut into a piece of sandpaper for renewed sharpness in a snap!
  3. Dab the end of your glue gun with Petroleum Jelly before plugging it in to avoid those annoying long glue strings!
  4. Eliminate crafting frustration and use a small coil of air dry clay as a tool to pick up small beads and embellishments!
  5. Bottle caps + Adhesive Foam Shapes = Easy DIY Stamps!
  6. Keep your embroidery floss organized by simply wrapping around a clothespin and pinch the loose end at the top!
  7. Add water to your nearly empty acrylic paint bottles and shake it up! Pour this thrifty mixture into an empty spray bottle to use on wood/paper crafts for a cool-n-colorful splattered effect!
  8. Use a pencil sharpener to sharpen chalk for a fine point tip that's great for writing! Make beautiful detailed sidewalk art!
  9. Use a tiny piece of clear tape at the end of thin/limp cord to stop the ends from fraying and make threading on beads much easier.
  10. When it comes to jewelry making, melting cord ends with a lighter works great but is not a practical solution for all ages or types of cording. The next best thing to hold finishing knots in place is clear nail polish!
  11. Sun catcher crafts are awesome but not everyone has a flat space or the time to allow a group of wet projects to dry. Skip the gel stain and use Sharpies (or any permanent markers) for instant gratification and the convenience of a fine point tip for super detailed designs!
  12. Preparation is the key! Set yourself up for crafty success by washing all plastic and metal surfaces with an alcohol based cleaner to remove any oil/dirt so your decorating materials will easily adhere.
  13. Need budget friendly letter stencils to personalize fabric or canvas projects? Simply stick adhesive back foam letters or shapes directly to your fabric surface and spritz the area with fabric spray paint or dye. Once the paint is dry just peel off the foam letters and Voila! Easy as pie!