How to Play GaGa Ball in the GaGa Pit


What is GaGa Ball?

I had heard of it. We sell a GaGa Pit at S&S Worlwide. I have listened to my kids tell stories about it in gym class. Yet, I still didn’t understand what ‘IT’ was! Is it like soccer with hands? Is it like handball? Is it dodgeball with no throws? “Big deal” I thought. Then our school’s PTO purchased one. Now that they got it, and I’ve played it. I get ‘IT’! I can now say that the GaGa Ball game is a blast and a huge hit with kids, getting them active while having fun. Isn’t that our goal?

My first introduction to the GaGa Pit was when I showed up on a Saturday morning with Gator Skin Balls in tote to greet kids chanting “GA GA! GA GA! GA GA!” My kids gave me a run down on the rules of GaGa on the 5 minute ride to the school. The rest we might call ‘experiential learning’. GaGa Rules of Play are simple and the kids pick it up quickly.

Gagapit official size

Before I list the rules of play and instructions, I just want to let you know that like any game, there are many variations to GaGa Ball. I am going to try and stay true to the way that we play, but I will highlight with an (*) in areas where there are popular variations. The best advice I can give everyone though is to KEEP THE GAME SIMPLE! The kids will have fun.

Object of GaGa Ball:

  • To be the last player in the GaGa Pit.
  • To keep the ball in play and moving (if you make this an emphasis it helps players to see the game as a constant flow, instead of aiming to catch the ball)
  • Aim for players’ feet.

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Create a Colorful Indoor Sand Garden!


indoor sand garden

Air Plants and Succulents have become increasingly popular lately – and its no surprise because they are almost completely indestructible – and oh so adorable!

We’ve teamed up with Mel Arledge from Indoor Gardens by Mel, an Air Plant and Succulent Terrarium Artists/Designer from sunny San Diego, to bring you this awesome step by step picture tutorial on creating your very own colorful indoor sand garden! Here’s how she makes these beautiful creations.  When you’re done, head to Mel’s Instagram to get some inspiration.


  • Terrarium Sand
  • Glass or Plastic Terrarium Bowl
  • Air Plant or Succulent

Step 1: Decide which colors you’d like to use. For this specific design, I chose bright colors that pop!

Colorful Indoor Sand Garden

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Pom Pom Tree



My favorite type of craft is the kind where you can re-purpose and up-cycle ordinary items that might have otherwise been overlooked or thrown away. After our long New England winter, there was plenty of debris scattered around outside.  One afternoon on my lunch break, I decided to venture outside and see what I could collect. I ended up with some leaves, rocks, and twigs. I’m sure people in my office were very confused as to what I was doing.

With our Merchandising Department close by, I luckily have access to a plethora of crafty materials and tools, however, with this next craft all you need is pom poms (a crafty essential), a glue gun, and some twigs from outside!

After collecting the twigs, I cleaned off the access dirt and leaves and then started to glue on colorful pom poms… and that’s it… I now have this adorable pom pom tree! Since I love mason jars, I obviously chose to use one as a vase. I created an even more fun and playful look by filling the mason jar up with leftover pom poms and making a pipe cleaner flower to adorn the top. The flower is super easy to make, just twirl five pipe cleaners around your finger and glue into place. Twirl a last pipe cleaner into a small bud and glue in the center.

Not only is this project super easy, but it costs almost nothing to make and will jazz up any classroom, office, desk, etc!

Memorial Day Mason Jars


Like most crafters, I have a slight obsession with mason jars. People love them because there are endless ways to decorate them and they can be used in so many ways… and what I really love is that I can buy them in bulk and let my creativity really go wild by decorating them in every way imaginable.

With all the barbeques and family get-togethers coming up for Memorial Day, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to create a patriotic jar. After a little planning, about 20 minutes total of craft time, and some fresh flowers from the grocery store, I had the perfect patriotic center piece that would be perfect for not only Memorial Day but also the 4th of July!

Mason Jars for Memorial Day


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A Dandy Bouquet for Mother’s Day!


For anyone out there who thinks they can’t craft and need tons of spare time to do one, this project is for you! With many crafts, you may think to yourself, this won’t take too long….. then hours later…. you’re still not done.

This craft is for pretty much any age group and we think it will make the perfect DIY Mother’s Day gift!


T-Shirt Yarn
Bisque Flower Vase

Start by cutting about a three inch long strip of T- Shirt Yarn and set it to the side, then begin wrapping the T-Shirt Yarn by the spool around all of your fingers (except your thumb). Continue reading

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