10 DIY Fall & Thanksgiving Craft Ideas


Looking for some fun new crafts and decorations to help you with your Fall and Thanksgiving celebrations? Check out our top 10 DIY crafts that you can keep up all season long!

Thanksgiving Craft Stick Wreath

Our Craft Stick Wreath Craft Kit can be easily turned into a Fall and Thanksgiving themed activity! This simple wreath is made with regular and jumbo craft sticks that are colored with markers and water to give a blended look. Then simply glue the craft sticks to the included wreath shape. Everything you need to make the wreath is included in the kit.

If you want to get even more creative like we did, add a festive message using jute string, oak tag, and the markers which are included in the kit. We also thought it would be fun to have some of our wood leaves hanging in the center.

Pie Garland 

Who doesn’t love eating pie for Thanksgiving? Make a festive pie garland to hang up as a decoration for your Thanksgiving events. These Kraft Paper Pennants work great because they are made from heavy paper, the perfect pie shape, pre-punched holes, and the color makes it easier to decorate.

Fold a strip of white or tan paper accordian style to create the crust at the top. Glue the sides to the back of the kraft paper so you don’t block the holes. Then string jute through the kraft paper holes. You can choose which types of pies you’d like to create. Here’s how we made the 4 you see here: Continue reading

Classroom Book Activity – Arthur’s Thanksgiving


classroom book activity

Arthur’s Thanksgiving by Marc Brown

Story Summary:

It’s time for Thanksgiving! Arthur has been picked to be the director and cast the roles of his school play. All his friends want to be the star of the show, but no one wants to be the Turkey!

Recommended Ages: Grades 1 – 2

Activity 1

  • Gather the class on the rug and read the story Arthur’s Thanksgiving, by Marc Brown.
  • After reading, explain to the class that they will be doing an activity where they have to write about the beginning, middle, and end of the story. Continue reading

5 Thanksgiving Games to Add to Your Activity Calendar


thanksgiving games activity directorWith Thanksgiving just around the corner, get your residents excited and active during the holiday season by scheduling fun facility-wide competitions. Here are a few Thanksgiving games from notjustbingo.com to get you started.

Turkey Bowl

Instead of playing the traditional game of football during this time of the year, challenge residents to a game of bowling – turkey bowling! To play, simply modify your existing bowling pins by taping feathers to the back of each pin. In addition, consider setting up several bowling games in your Activity Room to encourage more people to play. To make it even more fun, the day before the competition, divide residents into teams and encourage team members to dress alike for the competition (e.g., all wear red shirts or all wear baseball caps – an item that they all have) to encourage “team unity.” Afterwards, award mini trophies to the winning Turkey Bowl team. Continue reading

Thanksgiving Puzzle Tree Craft for the Classroom


Thanksgiving craftCelebrate the meaning of Thanksgiving in your classroom with this puzzle tree craft! Teach students what it means to be thankful, and have them share what they value the most this year. This is a great collaborative art project, and can be hung up on your bulletin board for the season! You can also use this activity for afterschool, and even with senior residents.


Continue reading

Thanksgiving Activities for Senior Residents


turkey thanksgiving seniorsWith Thanksgiving just around the corner, our friends at notjustbingo.com have given us some inspiration for planning a fun day of festivities for nursing home facility residents, who may not be able to visit with family and friends. To create a fun-filled day, simply create activities that are based upon items typically associated with Thanksgiving: football, parades, and food.

  1. On Thanksgiving Day, there are three NFL games for residents to enjoy. Here are a few ideas to get your residents focused on game day:
  • Host a Football Grid Pool. Create a 10×10 square grid on paper and invite residents to fill in their initials in the squares. Randomly assign numbers 0-9 along the top of the grid and also along the left side of the grid (whereas each number represents the last number of the score for each team). Award prizes at the end of each quarter to whomever has the correct last number of the score for each team. (For example, if at the end of the first quarter of the game, the Philadelphia Eagles have 10 and the Detroit Lions have 3, award a prize to the resident who has his initials in the square that corresponds to 0 for the Eagles and 3 for the Lions.)
  • Play Football Bingo. Create homemade bingo cards on your computer that contain words typically used by football game announcers, like first down, field goal, and interception. Provide markers to residents to mark each word once they hear it mentioned during the football game. Award a prize to the first person who gets bingo on their card.
  • Make Football Jerseys. Provide plastic material like these to residents to decorate their own football jerseys using paint and stencils. Cut a hole for the head and use hot glue to connect the sides of the jersey together. Encourage residents to wear their jerseys during the game.
  • Make Bobbleheads. Encourage residents to paint bobblehead animals to give to their grandkids as Thanksgiving gifts.
  1. Who doesn’t remember watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade on television as a kid? On this special holiday, encourage residents to take in all the sights and sounds:

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