Race to the Galaxy – A Cooperative Game for PE & Active Play


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I came up with the idea for Race to the Galaxy (originally named Space Colonies) after reviewing games on the PhysEdGames YouTube channel. Since I’m a huge Sci-Fi fan, I really wanted to add a space-themed activity to my cooperative games toolbelt. I basically took a hula-hoop teamwork activity, added some extra elements, and gave it a theme. Games are so much more engaging for children (and adults) when there’s a storyline or narrative behind them. This is why “imagination walks” are so much more powerful with younger students than walking around the gym doing locomotor movements.

Equipment Used:

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7 Simple DIY Gift Ideas for Teacher Appreciation


As a Mom, I can certainly appreciate all of the time, effort, and patience that teachers and daycare staff put into their everyday schedules. I think to myself, what would we do without those amazing teachers who spend their days with our sometimes less than perfect angels? That’s why I try to take every opportunity to show them how much they mean to our children and our family. The first full week of May is National Teacher Appreciation Week (May 6th-May12th), so this is a perfect chance to honor them.

Every year I try to think of a unique way to thank our teachers. I have seen so many great ideas from other moms and from my teacher friends posting pictures of gifts they received or were sending in with their children. Here are 7 of my favorite!

Ideas for Teacher Appreciation Week

Sweet Treats

Donuts & Coffee

One of my friends had a very creative idea last year, so I decided to try it too! She purchased boxes of munchkins from the local donut shop and put a tag on it that read, “We donut know what we would do without you. Thank you for taking such great care of our munchkins.” She then got them each a coffee mug and put in a $5 gift certificate to the donut shop and wrote “Thanks a latte!” When I brought those in the next morning the teachers were thrilled, and thought the message was so sweet. See some of the examples below from Happy Home Fairy and Smashed Peas and Carrots.

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Why Teachers are Incorporating Yoga in the Classroom


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Yoga has become a great way for classroom teachers, PE teachers, and even after school coordinators to help students de-stress from their day, re-energize and clear their minds to focus. Yoga creates the support for students to not just build up their minds, but their bodies as well, better preparing them for their future. Below we list the 7 major benefits of incorporating yoga into the classroom, introduce you to our friends at Yoga Foster, and share how one teacher is using yoga in her classroom.

Our friends over at Yoga Foster advocate and heavily support the use of yoga throughout the school day and have success story after success story from educators that have used their program. We are so inspired by the work Yoga Foster is doing that we’ve even partnered with them to create an online course for PE Teachers (which can also be tailored to after school professionals and classroom teachers) that walks you through introducing yoga to your students. Continue reading

Top 3 Literacy Support Materials for the Classroom


classroom literacyBuilding strong literacy and language skills is so important. They are what forms the basis for learning in all subjects. With effective instruction and literacy development in early childhood education classrooms, teachers and educators can have a substantial impact on these skills.

With many schools and districts focused on increasing literacy skills right now, we turned to our friends at Steps To Literacy to help us gather the best support tools to help you. Steps to Literacy specializes in curating customized classroom libraries based on reading levels, genres, topics and specific students’ needs. The expertise they have developed from providing thousands of teachers with literacy solutions has led them to develop some exclusive support materials for the classroom. Back in July, S&S brought on a handful of our favorites. We are excited to take a closer look at them below and share with you how you can use them in your classroom. Continue reading

Featured PE Teacher – Carli Kelly


This week for the Featured PE Teacher section on the PE Central Facebook page, the spotlight is on Carli Kelly:

About Carli:

I teach Early Kindergarten – 6th grade PE and High School Health. I teach about 400 kids at Norway-Vulcan Area Schools in Michigan. My title is Physical Education/Health Teacher. This is my 8th year teaching!

Current Lesson Plan:

Right now in PE we are doing the EPEC Curriculum (Exemplary Physical Education) which is a Michigan PE curriculum. It is a comprehensive and flexible K-5 physical education and physical activity system leading to physical literacy for learners – More skill, more confidence and more motivation to be physically active today and tomorrow. There are 35 skills to teach that cover – Locomotor Skills, Object-Control Skills, Knowledge, Activity Fitness, and Personal/Social Skills. We are also working on Soccer skills, including Foot Dribbling and Instep Kick. For Middle School we are finishing up NFL Play60.

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