Featured PE Teacher – Ryan Reichel


This week for the Featured PE Teacher section on the PE Central Facebook page, the spotlight is on Ryan Reichel!

About Ryan:featured pe teacher ryan reichel

I teach a total of 300 students, from young fives to 9th grade at Ishpeming Public Schools in Michigan. I am a Physical Education teacher and a Health Teacher & Girls Varsity Basketball Coach. I also work with computers at the school. I’ve been teaching for 7 years.

Current Lesson Plan/Unit:

We are currently on our tossing and catching unit. We put a strong emphasis on spacial awareness when practicing tossing skills. We incorporate a variety of skill challenges while practicing the activities. The lessons taught right now will help lead to high game stages and skills for other sports. Continue reading

Pathways and Directions Stations PE Activity for Grades K-2


PE activity pathways stations

PE Teacher Crystal Williams, shares a fun and an organized way for students to demonstrate different pathways and directions.

This year, my coworker and I decided to have our students participate in stations that worked on pathways and directions. Pathways and directions are components of our Space Awareness Unit. These two components focused on TN standards “travels in five directions (forward, backward, sideways, up, and down) and demonstrates and applies all three pathways (straight, curvy, and zigzag).”  I wanted to make sure the stations were filled with fun and provided us the opportunity to assess students as they performed each course. Continue reading

Jumbo Games Unit for Physical Education


As a PE teacher, I sometimes find myself teaching the same skills and lessons each year. Teaching some of these lessons to all K-5th grade classes can get a bit repetitive, so I set out to find something new to share with my students to start out or end the school year and get them excited for PE. I had previously seen ideas on social media for Jumbo Jenga and Jumbo Kerplunk, and always wondered how I could incorporate those games into my PE classes. With those ideas in mind, I came across an inflatable bowling set as well as an inflatable field goal post with a football included. With these two additional activities, I came up with the idea of teaching a Jumbo Games Unit! This unit had a total of 4 activities, and was setup in a station format. I had groups of 4-6 students at each station and each group participated in the activities for approximately 6 minutes each.

Jumbo Jenga

You might decide to build this yourself if you are on a budget, or save time and order Jumbo Jenga online. I also decided to add a fitness twist to make the game more active. I took each block and wrote down an exercise that would be easy for my students to read and understand. These were also exercises that I had previously taught in class before, and reviewed the day of this lesson. Examples include “5 Push Ups”, “20 Second Wall Sit” and “5 Curl Ups”.

PE jumbo games

jumbo games Continue reading

Featured PE Teacher – Shannon Rickes


This week for the Featured PE Teacher section on the PE Central Facebook page, the spotlight is on Shannon Rickes!

shannon rickes PE

About Shannon Rickes:

I currently teach Kindergarten through 8th grade. I am a Physical Education Coordinator and I teach approximately 300 students in the school at Joy Preparatory Academy in Detroit Michigan. I’m a new teacher, this year would be my second year teaching.

Current Lesson Plan/Unit:

Currently, Kindergarten through fifth grade is working on a hockey unit. I have taught the lower elementary how to hold the hockey sticks and use them appropriately and the upper elementary students how to play the game of floor hockey and what the positions are. My middle school students have just finished a soccer unit where they learned how to play soccer. We used the sport education model, so certain students were able to be coaches for their teams and practice skills needed to be successful in gameplay. Continue reading

Featured PE Teacher – Nicki Case


This week for the Featured PE Teacher section on the PE Central Facebook page, the spotlight is on Nicki Case:

nicki case pe teacherAbout Nicki Case:

I am a Physical Education teacher at Marion Elementary School in Marion, KS. I teach 223 students in grades K-5. This is my 5th year teaching PE. I taught 6th grade for 20 years before that. During the first 5 years of those 20 in the classroom, I also was their PE teacher.




Continue reading

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