8 Patriotic Symbols to Celebrate at Your Senior Facility


patriotic symbols senior facility

There are several patriotic holidays and observances throughout the year that you can celebrate and recongize at your senior facility. Below are 6 patriotic symbols with activity ideas from notjustbingo.com for each.

Patriotic Holidays, Observances, & Days of Honor

  • Memorial Day – May 28th
  • D-Day – June 6th
  • Flag Day – June 14th
  • Armed Forces Day – June 30th
  • Independence Day – July 4th
  • Labor Day – September 3rd
  • Veterans Day – November 11th

1. Uncle Sam

  • Host an Uncle Sam Contest in which residents wear their red, white, and blue to dress like Uncle Sam. In fact, inspire your Activity Staff to wear their Uncle Sam attire for the event as well.
  • Print out and pass around pictures of military recruitment posters for World War II.
  • Reminisce about World War II rations and victory gardens that were implemented to help Uncle Sam win the war.

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10 Patriotic Clubs for Seniors on Independence Day


independence day seniors

Independence Day is almost here, and it’s time to get your residents in the patriotic mood. Since each resident has different interests, here are 10 different club activities from notjustbingo.com to add to the day to make sure that you are meeting everyone’s needs.

1. Sewing Club

Invite your Sewing Club to work on a patriotic latch hook project in which members make several flag rugs that can be donated to a local military post or to military families.

2. Beading Club

Make it your Beading Club’s responsibility to make sure that there are enough patriotic necklaces to pass out to visitors on the Fourth. So get the Club started early with making bracelets or necklaces using patriotic beads and jewelry cording. Continue reading

Across the USA Theme – State of Wyoming


across the usa wyomingOur Across the USA theme continues with the month of April! Celebrate by recognizing the great state of Wyoming, known as the Cowboy State and the Equality State. Plan fun activities throughout the month that recognize Wyoming’s commitment to equal rights, mineral collection, and American wildlife.

Equal Rightssenior activities wyoming

Since Wyoming has “Equal Rights” as its motto and is known as the Equality State (it was the first state to give women the right to vote in 1869), try to tailor a few of your activities to the women in your facility. For instance, play a fun game of Toss and Talk – Women’s Stuff, in which the ladies toss an inflated ball back and forth and answer the questions that are on the ball. Another option is to play the purse game, in which you name an object (e.g., nail file, bottle of lotion, etc.) and give a small prize to the first person who removes that item from their purse. Continue reading

Across the USA Theme – State of Texas


Texas senior activitiesFor the Across the USA theme for March, take residents to the great state of Texas, since March is Texas History Month. Be sure to use the whole month as inspiration to provide activities that celebrate The Lone Star State. Here are some great ideas from notjustbingo.com:

Remember the Alamo

Texas themeThroughout March, schedule fun activities for your residents that educate them about the history of Texas. For instance, on March 2nd which is Texas Flag Day, decorate your Activity Room with a Texas state flag and share fun facts with residents about the state and how it became a part of the union in 1845. Consider hosting a Texas Trivia Contest to see who really knows their stuff about America’s second largest state. Continue reading

Across the USA Theme Activities – State of Louisiana


louisiana activitiesOur new Across the USA theme for 2017 will feature one new state per month! February is the state of Louisiana. The southern state of Louisiana is known for many things – food, fun, and music. So have fun with your residents this February as you help them discover the beauty and richness of the Louisiana culture. Here are some Louisiana-themed activities from notjustbingo.com to get you started.

French Influences

Louisiana, named after French King Louis XIV, has maintained a culture rich in French traditions. Try to schedule a few activities that tap into this French influence.louisiana activities

French Coffee Break – Brew a pot of French roast coffee for residents to enjoy with the morning paper.

Playing Pétanque – Teach residents how to play the French lawn game of Pétanque, which is similar to the well-known Italian bocce ball or American lawn bowling games. After your residents get the hang of the game, plan a few tournament games throughout February. In fact, Louisiana hosts a tournament each year that caters to many of the Pétanque sports clubs throughout the state. Continue reading

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