Fitness Activities for Physical Education


Fitness and nutrition go hand-in-hand, which is why we have compliled PE Central’s top fitness themed lesson ideas, best practices, and bulletin boards in honor of March being National Nutrition Month. Here are some great lessons and activities for you to try in your classroom this month.

Fitness Bulletin Board Ideas

The Purpose of Fitness Testing  A great bulletin board for students to visualize both fitness and health components, just in time for Nutrition Month.

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PE Bulletin Boards & Lessons Plans for Nutrition Month


March is a great month to focus your lesson plans and bulletin boards on the importance of nutrition, because it’s National Nutrition Month! PE Central has many resources to help provide students with the knowledge they need to lead nutritious and healthy lifestyles. Below are some of our favorite ideas and activities.

Bulletin Board Ideas

What’s On Your Plate? – It’s important for students to learn and be aware of the 5 food groups. Use MyPlate as a guide and create a visual to remind students all month about the best types of food choices.

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National Nutrition Month – Activity Bucket List


March is National Nutrition Month! There are so many ways to raise awareness on the importance of healthy eating habits and stay informed about the nutritious choices we have. We’ve created a Nutrition Activity Bucket List to make it easy for teachers, after school programs, activity directors, and parents to print and check off and complete activities for the month. Here is the printable version. You’ll also find more details and ideas for each activity below.

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Celebrate MyPlate in 8 Great Ways!


MyPlate is the USDA food symbol that illustrates our five food groups into a familiar image for kids. It represents a place setting for a meal. These five food groups are the building blocks for a healthy diet and MyPlate helps by prompting consumers on how to build a healthier plate.

We love this organization and everything they do to inspire healthy eating habits, so to celebrate National Nutrition Month for March, we want to show you 8 of our favorite products.

Healthy Helping MyPlate Game

Be the first to fill your plate with a balanced meal that follows the USDA’s guidelines. Food cards with real life photos are self checking, backs match food groups. Includes activity guide, 50 food cards, spinner and 4 placemats. For 2 to 4 players, grades Pre-K and up.


MyPlate Coloring Placemats Craft Kit

The perfect reminder to make USDA-recommended food choices! Kids color their own “table setting” with then add food stickers to the appropriate food groups.

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