Bullying Prevention Using Dramatic & Cooperative Play


bully prevention kids puppets

Bullying Prevention Month is a campaign that is truly important to me and the entire S&S team. I genuinely enjoy coming up with new and creative ways that kids can use our products to gain a greater understanding of what bullying is, raise awareness, and ultimately put an end to bullying.

This year, while thinking about what type of projects to create and share, I remembered an article I had read on the Parents Magazine website on social and emotional skills and dramatic play. The article talked about the importance of dramatic and cooperative play, reinforcing children learn how to take turns, share responsibility, and problem solve when engaging in these activities. What undoubtedly stood out in this article was simple, but resonated with me all these months later. “When children pretend to be different characters, they have the experience of walking in someone else’s shoes, which helps teach the moral skill of empathy.” Continue reading

Spreading Kindness in the Colchester Community


spreading Kindness

As a part of the Colchester Connecticut community, S&S is proud to highlight the efforts of a small group right here in our town. Michelle Noehren shares the efforts of a group called Colchester is Kind.

It’s so easy to spread kindness, and it doesn’t require any money. Small, every day actions, like smiling at people you meet, asking people how they are and really wanting to know, saying something encouraging to a friend or child or volunteering to help an organization you care about all have the potential to make a lasting impact.

In August of 2016, a private Facebook group called Colchester is Kind was created with the goal of building a stronger sense of community by spreading messages of kindness and compassion around the town. Within the first month of the groups’ creation, members gathered at the library for a kindness rock painting get together which included a kindness-themed story time for children. Continue reading

Relay For Life – Cancer Awareness Event


relay for lifeOn September 17th, twenty five S&S associates along with their family and friends joined 15 other teams from the East Haddam/East Hampton/Colchester area for the annual American Cancer Society Relay for Life. This is a team event where a member of your team must be on the track at all times to signify that cancer never sleeps. I’m proud to say that a member of team S&S was on the track from 10 a.m. until 10 p.m.  We also had three members of our team complete a 1/2 marathon during the walk and received a special certificate at the end. Continue reading

Buddy Bench for Bully Awareness


buddy bench for friendshipBack in October, S&S donated a Buddy Bench to the Colchester Elementary School in honor of Bully Prevention month. We wanted to continue spreading awareness by sharing the meaning behind the Buddy Bench, and acknowledging that friendship can be encouraged throughout the school year.

Friendships Buddy Bench

Colchester Elementary School is now using their Buddy Bench in their kindergarten wing, so that kids just starting out in school can learn the importance of kindness and friendship. Recognizing safe spaces and teaching empathy is crucial in the early years. The bench also makes it easier for staff to visually recognize when kids may be struggling during unstructured time at the school.

Continue reading

Community Cleanup


Oh, Spring! The wonderful feeling of forty-degree weather, snow flurries mixed with light hail, the enticing aroma of trash blossoming on the side of the road: these are just a few signs of the new season. Wait… that doesn’t sound right!

Sure, there’s little we can do about the unseasonable weather, but a few shivers and goose bumps weren’t enough to deter forty ambitious S&S Worldwide associates. Donning neon green vests and wielding trash sticks, my colleagues and I aimed for one goal: Community Cleanup. Together we clean the litter from the streets neighboring our Colchester, CT offices.

community clean up Colchester CT

Yesterday marked S&S Worldwide’s 7th Annual “Clean to the Green” event, led by S&S associate Christopher Karam. “Clean to the Green” has become one of my favorite programs in the five years I’ve worked for S&S. It’s an event to celebrate Earth Week and an opportunity to give back to our community. As someone who grew up in Colchester, being a part of this tradition awards me an extra sense of pride and accomplishment. Continue reading